Jabra BT135 Compact Bluetooth Headset - 2 Pack

Is anyone having problems pairing the headset and their cell? My can’t find either headsets and I know how to use bluetooth. I noticed that it had Verizon written on the piece…is it possible that it will only work for Verizon phones. Thats a bit ridiculous if it thats the case.

Another thing…I was sent the wrong AC adapter to charge one of them…how do I get the right one?

Service@woot.com would be the place to contact in the event of a partial/incomplete order. Please make sure to include your order number when you email in.

Mine with Verizon logo on it works on other phones too. I tried the headset with Nokia N95 and iPhone. It pairs and works fine with both. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

To pair, with the headset off, press and hold the main button until you get a SOLID blue light. First, it will blink. Keep holding and you will get the solid light. Then, let the phone search for BT devices. and so on…

wish i had mine to play with but the post office sent them to another part of the country after they were in the main hub before transferring to my town =-(
they have traveled from one end of the eastern seaboard to the other southward first then up north i just hope they are headed back south now.
well the finally arrived after touring the country for he last few days ive charged one and it paired up to my tmobile blackberry just fine.
yeah i know tmobile sux but work pays for it so cant complain to much there if i paid for it i would have to shoot myself lol

I still need to see if there are any battery or background noise issues, but so far I think I have scored on this woot.
My wife could not tell that I was on the head set. I am very sensitive to things on my ears - yeah I’m weird and weirder still to even admit that - but this wasn’t horrible, I think I could have it there for as long as I ever plan to be on the phone.

For the folks having trouble connecting - be sure to see the posts about holding the button down long enough. I wish I had seen those before being so frustrated. From off, you may need to hold it about 6-7 seconds. Once you have held it long enough it will be solid blue. I have verizon and had trouble getting it connected because I would not hold the button long enough

Now it’s clear…you have to wait for the solid blue light for it to be visible to pair.
I thought u just had to turn it on, and connect it while the light blinks.
I got real nervous b/c it said verizon on it, and im with cingular .
It works fine…trying to figure out the voice command thing using the bluetooth.

Hey woot, please give me my Jabras so I can complain about them and their mis-matched chargers.

Finally got around to testing mine last night … both chargers are correct and seem to work fine, but one headset was DOA … dang …

You guys rock. I came here to find out why mine wouldn’t pair, and the advice about holding it 'til it’s solid blue instead of just blinking worked perfectly. Every Bluetooth I’ve used before didn’t care, so I wasn’t used to having to go to a special mode. Can’t wait to see how well this thing works. I’m not expecting magic for a $10 earpiece, but it’ll be better than having to use the wired one all the time.

Hey guys,
I bought the headsets on the two for tuesday and only received one headset. Has this happened to anyone else?

The same thing happened to me, has Woot fixed your problem?

For what it’s worth, mine arrived today with the correct chargers. I’ve fully charged one and didn’t have any trouble pairing it with my Razr. The other appears to work fine, as well.

Maybe this has been addressed already, but you can remove the little plastic piece that has the verizon logo on it. It was designed to be interchangeable. The original Jabra logo is underneath. Unfortunately, I think it looks better with the grey piece on. =(

Question for any saavy Jabra and Bluetooth pro’s. I picked up 2 of these. One for my T-Mobile Dash and for my wife’s T-Mobile RaZR. My Dash has a setting to go into Bluetooth mode to recognize the ear piece. What about the RazR? Do i have to do anything special other than charge and hold the little button for a few seconds to get a solid blue light and get this to work? It’s a Christmas gift and i want to be able to get it working for her so she can start using it right away.


Please make sure to get in touch with service@woot.com with your order number to let them know if you haven’t already.

I ordered this and the post office said it was sent back to you all. Can you let me know what to do to get it resent? My email address is lesley.elizabeth@yahoo.com

We generally recommend contacting the manufacturer for support first, but if they cannot or will not assist you, please get in touch with rma@woot.com with your order number and a detailed description of the problem.

I got both with fitting chargers. At least one works (haven’t unpacked the other one). What type of usb charging connection is this? I thought it was microUSB so I bought a mini-USB to micro-USB cable that Motorola sells but the plug is too wide. I’d like to buy a converter so I can use my own charging cable instead of hauling the headset charging cable with me when I travel.

on a Razr V3 try this:
Main Menu-> Settings-> Connection-> Bluetooth Link-> Select
Now, press & hold the button on the Jabra a few seconds until the LED glows solid,
then on the phone select [Add Audio Device]
The phone should link to the earpiece in a few seconds.
If all else fails read the manual. :smiley:

Is there something that I am missing? I can’t seem to turn the volume UP but I can turn the volume DOWN. The down buttons have a tactile “click” when pressed, but the up buttons do not. When the down buttons are pressed, there is a sound, but no sound when the up buttons are pressed. This issue is exactly the same on both earpieces.

Are my refurbs broken?