Jabra BT150 Bluetooth Headset



arrr woot be back with bluetooth vengance


Not bad, Just one week to late. Got one already.


charger included???


This bluetooth is good, very clear on both way, but the ear handle sucks, you have take quite a long time to get use to it. It is a very decent price also!

I pair this with my K800 has no problem with it, also I had drop this thing on the ground like 32140924210 times and it still works


Uh oh…
CNet review



I wanted the free shipping.

Now that that’s gone, I’m reconsidering…

Reviews don’t seem to be glowing on this. Hmmm.

I just got a new phone for Father’s Day, and was hoping Woot would list one of these sorts of things. Should I – or is it a bad one, as reviewers on other sites suggest…


I had one of these, no better than the 500 model. Cheap bluetooth for teh lose. Didn’t work very well, full of static, can’t be heard for anything.

For ten bucks, you get someone else’s refurb (rox0rs!) problems.


all of the other reviews are pretty positive.


Shipping WAS listed as free, but that seems to have been an “Oops” when the new improved woot! first came up. I bought one 'cause it said $0.00 shipping, but was charged 14.99. No big deal, after all they were working on the system, and a few minor glitches are bound to rear thier ugly heads!
Still love you woot!


Decent user reviews on CNET - http://reviews.cnet.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-bt150-wireless-bluetooth/4505-12523_7-31615347.html

and on Newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16875999026

Looks like it generally sells for $30 - $40 elsewhere - I bought one!


i’m waiting on a confirmation. i want a Bluetooth headset but i don’t need anything fancy or expensive. this seems like a good fit for me.


If your browser tries to load the Order Confirmation page but does not load, you got it right?
I am glad they updated so everything could be fubar again!!!


Bah I had one of these before. The damn thing didn’t survive a 2ft drop into a bucket of carpet glue. So I may be picking one up here.


After a nice delay they offer a refurb. Something still bothers me about refurb headsets.


It is always blinking. Even when not in use. That gets bloody annoying after awhile.


Links to Jabra.
Product Page
User Manual


at least you can’t see it!


Yeah, does refurb mean that it could of already been in someone’s ear? Yumm!


It even comes with the last person’s ear wax. Nothing like puttin’ something in your ear hole after someone else had it in theirs.