Jabra BT2040 Bluetooth Headset

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**Jabra BT2040 Bluetooth Headset ** [New] - $3.99

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I bought this for $15 at best buy some time ago…works reasonably well. The main issue is the battery. it is a AAAA which are sometimes hard to come by and don’t seem to last long. Next time I would go with a bluetooth device that is rechargeable.

Where the heck do you get a AAAA battery? Besides Radio Shack…

Never needs charging = battery powered = meh

AAAA Google

The thought of AAAA batteries have you down?

Basically 9v batteries have 6 AAAA batteries inside.

I get mine at the drug store (walgreen/cvs what have you) for my device. I’m quite familiar with them.

Its a real battery size…http://battstore.stores.yahoo.net/dura2pac.html

AAAA kinda hurts the value of getting 1, 2, or even 3. Reviews are mixed.
If you can get a deal AAAA batteries, I say get 3.

Froogled, for what it’s worth. Looks like an ok deal.

cheaper on amazon if you get 25 dollars worth of stuff…


7.99 w/ free super saver shipping

thank you… i was sitting here, trying to remember what type of batteries had AAAAs in them…

Not AA not AAA but AAAA, This Future is Here!!!

these things work. i had one from long ago, i had to replace the earpiece because it broke. it still works but i used a motorola headset now. rosewood is right, you can get 6 AAAA from a 9volt battery, but you have to play with it because the AAAAs that come in the 9volt are too short to work in this headset. get this if you don’t mind getting AAAA batteries.

After a “Quick Look”. Generic disposable batteries go for about $1 each.

Here are some rechargeables:

Not sure what to use to recharge them in yet.

Wow. Isn’t the point of using a bluetooth headset convenience?

How convenient is it to go hunting for some AAAA batteries everytime it dies?

Then again, if you only use your headset about 2 times a year like me then I guess a 4 pack of AAAA’s would last a while

Interesting! did not know that. thanks for the info.

I’m in for a couple of these - for backup in case I lose one of my quality headsets. need these for driving…

AAAA are 99 cents for a two pack at Fry’s here in Las Vegas, still too much weight on the ear.

Yes, as long as you have a supply of AAAA batteries (or a Frys where you can get them for cheep), your good to go. Last a while on the AAAA, but i dont use mine much so…

Also definitely helps against that dang California Cell Phone law.

Some are built that way, i have taken some apart that are not.