Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

Don’t push the panic button! I am a registered nurse and snoring does not equal sleep apnea, although those folks that really suffer from sleep apnea and need bi-pap, usually always snore…but not the other way around. A sleep study is the only definitive way to diagnose sleep apnea. I’ll send you my bill :slight_smile:

Hey WOOT…What’s the deal with the VIP coupon? To quote your email:

“Your one-time-use code will be active just long enough for you to redeem it on the Jabra headphones, a few days probably. You may try and redeem it elsewhere on woot in that time if you find something else that qualifies (say if a Woot-Off comes along or something…), but once the headsets are gone, the coupon code will be turned off.”

Well…obviously the headsets are NOT gone yet you won’t allow the use of the coupon. Honor what you say.

I have them and they are great. Check the reviews, almost all of them are positive. Why spend a lot on Bose when this can get it done for a great price.

Cyber-Monday sounds like a day of netsex.
I heartily agree with the stupid-name assessment.

i also got mine from VIP and i love them! if they offer the $10 coupon ill prob get another one;)

Thank goodness.

sorry wrong

I also got them post 2x zunes…

They are fairly comfortable as the foam surrounds are like a memory foam material. As with most noise cancelling technology, there is a small “processing time” related lag when generating the inverse wave. That is why you can still hear sources where the pitch and intensity change, like a television or someone talking.

That being said they do an excellent job of eliminating droning noises like my lawnmower, PC fan noise, HVAC noise, road noise etc.

Good! We get a podcast todaY!

Bose speakers are good for selling to people with more money than sense.

(Though it’s entirely possible that the person who dropped $100 for the 901’s with rotted out surrounds that i salvaged from a trash pile, repaired them and turned around and sold em for $200. In which case, we both did well.) :slight_smile:

The VIP thing works like this:
You buy something from woot, be it through a woot off, sellout.woot or whatever.
They run across some inventory for something related to what you previously bought. Maybe even not related, just randomly pick people for it.

You get the mail, usually includes a coupon (that’s the VIP part, as each VIP item has come up on woot without the coupon for the same price later).

It’s sort of a “discounted pre-woot.com sale”

And yeah, these are over the ear headphones. I like em. Beats the local price on the same set too.

it’s amazing what you learn from randomness within a forum… thank you guys for posting this. My hubby snores terribly and I’ve often wondered if it could be worse than just a loud noise.

I have those Philips headphones, they’re alright. They fold down pretty small. They seem to have an unbalanced noise cancellation. The side with the battery works better than the side without. If you’re looking for the compact size, then go for the Philips. I own both the Jabra and the Philips and I prefer the sound quality and noise cancellation of the Jabra.

Just popped my woot cherry! I needed a pair of new headphones, and these seemed to get good reviews. Woot!!

Ok, fill me in on the VIP details…

I’ve ordered hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and NEVER got a VIP email (but I still get all Woot’s emails on my order information)

What’s the catch?


How’d it feel?

Probably the usual. Lots of anticipation and excitement followed by a sense of disappointment and a night sobbing to yourself in bed.

I went ahead and took the buy.com route with the google checkout discount.
For $5 less I get a return policy, in case they don’t work well on the subway, or hurt my ears.
I’m happy.

Any comparison between these and the Peltor noise cancelling headphones that Woot has sold a few times at $34.95 or something like that? I have the Peltors and they are ok but not great. I do use them regularly and am willing to pay more for something better if the improvement is really noticable. But I haven’t tried anything else (e.g. Bose) so I don’t know how much room for improvement really exists. If you put these on in a quiet room with the NC activated, do you hear much hiss?

Don’t feel bad. Woot occassionally sends out “VIP” coupons to people that have bought a certain item on woot. In this particular case it appears that woot sent emails to people that recently bought either the ZUNE or the SanDisk players. If you did not buy one of those items then you would not have received the email. For those that did, they received an opportunity to buy the Jabra C820 headsets early and were given a $10 coupon off for if they opted to buy. I did not at the time but decided to now. However, my coupon offer was not offered here…contrary to what woots email stated.