Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

In fairness to Woot, the coupon was obviously only valid during the pre-sale. They even said that it was probably only going to be active for “a few days”. That was over a week ago. They didn’t have to offer the coupon in the first place. Plus you had two days of woot-offing to use it too.

There is a fairly large oval button under the price that says “I Want One!” on it. I would probably start there. :slight_smile:

Seriously suggest you have husband checked for “Sleep Apnea”. Heavy snoring is an indication. This condition can be quite serious.

It will also stop his snoring.

“Bose quality”… isnt that an oxymoron?

im kidding tho ive no experience with Bose.

One last thing… These are NOT shipping SmartPost. Which means they will probably ship FedEx Ground and should be able to get to either coast in 3-5 days from the day they pack them up. I Usually get my stuff in 2-3 days in Indiana via standard FedEx.

These have the same specs as the Bose, only 1/5 the price. I have both and can’t tell the difference between the two (aside from the wallet raping that the fine folks from Bose gave me, for which I continue my therapy).

The best part is that these puppies will leave you ONLY with the voices inside your head (aside from the voice that keeps telling you to hunt me down; let’s just ignore that one)

I have small but sensitive ears and anything heavier than clip-ons hurts them if left on too long.

Do these actually encompass (or envelope) the ENTIRE ear, and do they put pressure on your outer ear (particularly the helix)?

They do cover the entire ear,without any pressure to the helix.

I have both the Bose over the ear and the Jabra. Obviously, the Bose is better; However, for the price. Jabra headset do a good job. 8 out of 10 for the Jabra. 10 out of 10 for the Bose. I bought 2 for gifts to my friends during the VIP sale.

The shirts wanted to be my first, but lack of XL made them the worst.

So fired on the headphones and they … with a packet burst … slaked the woot thirst.

Or something like that.

Anything jabra more than $5 has got to be a joke… Seriously?

“Premium Quality Leatherette!”

That’s full of logic and sense…who let you in here? It’s always better to complain about the things a company is doing wrong than what they are doing correctly. It should have been a $20 coupon, it should have lasted 6 months, Woot staff should come over and clean my house.

I’m in for 1. Based on the Amazon reviews, Froogle, and the cost of Bose, these are a steal! Expect these to sell out quickly.

Cripes a mighty, another ear focused device. If I had an ear for every woot ear gadget offered, well… uh… that would just be weird.

Do you think these headphones would work under my scuba gear? I only go down 500 feet or so and would really like some tunes while I am building underground oil rigs.
Yea I really wish I didn’t just spend 1,000 dollars getting my Clutch fixed on my car… I want a pair of these :frowning:
anyone wanna help a poor college student out on an x mas present?

Bose isnt as good as everyone makes them out to be.
They are like Apple products (not talking about the computers so dont even start), they are just over-hyped into making everyone think they are amazing.

Sure they are in truth good, high quality devices (Bose and Apple stuff)… But you can find similar or even better quality in other places.

Yes i know i have been a seller for a couple years there now and have been burned before. but it is part of doing business on line. Maybe you don’t know this but if you look at the Roomba they sold at woot on the 19th they have a big problem with people getting the wrong stuff and also junk that will not work so i think you take your chance even with woot. i am waiting for my Roomba i paid for on the 18th and it isn’t even shipped yet. look at the blog for the Roomba

I smell a liar.

You dont build things underground wearing scuba gear. Surely you mean underwater right? And im pretty sure you wouldnt be stupid enough to realize that you could just use earbuds…and even then i bet thats against some rule or another.

Or maybe im just too tired to catch the sarcasm in there, if any. Oh, and if you are in a profession that does those types of things, I sure as hell doubt you are poor. Or for that matter, need to be in college.