Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

are these wireless?

leftovers from the VIP.

Cool, I got these on the VIP sale a couple weeks ago. And I had a coupon!

Already got these through the special offer dealy… not bad, though I find them to be kind of annoying when not in a noisy area (plane, vehicle, etc).


Description JABRA C820s - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - noise canceling

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CE10113634 $80.26

Shhhhh!! Don’t alert the riff-raff! =P

buy.com 69.99 - free shipping

^yes these were the same from the “VIP” deal a couple weeks ago. think the price is even the same, can’t remember though.

NO Bose, no DEAL!

yea lol… i could have had $10 off on this… poop!
expired vip coupon wasn’t used during the wootoff either… sigh

How would these compare to the Steelsound 5Hv2?


I have a set of the Jabra C820’s and I love them, I’m in for 3. They sound just as good as the Bose.

they have on ebay for $15 more…the deal is ok…I’m gonna pass. Wish they would woot some BOSE headphones…

Much cheaper on Ebay. As low as $12.00 (New)

Just got a pair of headphones 20 minutes ago (yesterday’s woot!).

Lowest Price ($76.00) on EBAY:


Review (7.4/10) on CNET:


EDIT: To those saying that it’s cheaper on ebay: It’s not. Those are being bidded on. If you look at the “buy it now” prices, they’re higher…

This was a VIP offer from this site like two weeks ago? Anyway, I grabbed one then and im happy with these. Damn good headphones for the price. Love it!

They sent out secret VIP emails to nearly everyone two weeks ago. I guess they did not sell them out.