Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

And then let me have the small army of Roombas and Scoobas they would likely do the job with.

I’m pretty disappointed in woot and their “VIP sale.” I have more woots than most of these people.

these headphones of are the highest quality, they have great aesthetic appeal, they cancel 92% if noise, and they are not available in stores anymore

“3.5 mm stereo audio cables”?.. isn’t that cable too short? Maybe these are designed for use in an aircraft emergency situation only where you have to assume the crash position. Would these be able squelch the crying and other noise in that situation?. :-0

I love the Woot writers. I’m calling this #000000 Monday from now on!

Honey, is that you??

Fight carpal tunnel! Insist on changing the name to #000 Monday!

#000000 is the HTML color value for black…black Friday etc…W00T!

I tried the Buy.com deal… if you use the Google check out promotion, you don’t get the free shipping.
So either way, Woot is a couple bucks cheaper.
I Wooted!

Great description that was fun, wish I had the money for these right now. Oh well woot off maybe.

ok when eveyone is done laughing at me can someone answer this question please. I snore very loud at night and I am looking for something for my wife so she can get a good night sleep will these work?

first woot…do I get a hug or something?

I’ll hug, you, it’s my first woot too!

I received mine on Friday so I’ve had a chance to use them over the weekend. I can tell you - this is a deal! I have a set of Ultimate Ears super.fi earphones which are great, but I was looking for a pair of NC cans. These don’t dissapoint. Screw Bose and their over-hyped, over-priced crap.

squuueeeezzzzeeeee!..thanks for that, feel like I need a cigerette (don’t smoke)

I picked these up through the VIP sale. A couple of things to note. When I use these at my computer, they are not silent, even with the nothing playing on the computer. I see this effect both with the noise canceling on and off. It is really annoying. If I unplug the headphones from the computer then they go silent (and the noise canceling works great) I don’t have this problem when they are plugged into an MP3 player. They work great all the time with MP3 players.

Soooo… Not so great as noise canceling headphones when plugged into a computer. They are picking up some sort of feedback signal.

Great as noise canceling headphones if I unplug the cord from the headphones and use them “wirelessly”

Great all around when used with an MP3 player.

You also have to get used the sound getting louder when you turn the noise canceling on.

Hmm, may need some of these to keep out all that jibba jabra on the airplane.

I was offered the headphones in the VIP deal, but didn’t bite. Now I’ve decided to buy but the $10 off coupon code Woot had offered no longer works!

Alas, it seems Woot is going the way of the shady street salesman:

“I’ve got a wonderful watch here under my coat that you can have for $20. What kind is it, you ask? It’s a Rolax Reephurb, top quality! I’ll tell you what, if you buy in the next five minutes, it’s yours for $15 + $5 shipping. Whadda ya say?”

Give me back my coupon code and I’m in!

I’m insulted! I didn’t get a VIP email or knew anything about so called VIP Woot deals!
Pffft! To think I spent nearly half my salary here in the past year! Pffft!

Damn you WOOT! Damn you!

How hot do these make one’s ears?