Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

Maybe add the batteries.

looks very big who acutally used Bose and this and compared?

Bingo! I have had to say this twice to two people who got them from me.

That’s not the way they work, they work best on droning noises or constant noise like motors and such. Not so much for speech.

I did add batteries obviously. I’ve been listening more and they do a good job of deadening the ambient sounds, I guess as the post above says, they aren’t designed to block speech as well. Upon using them more I am a bit happier, it does form more of “my own world” than normal headphones that don’t cover the full ear do.

I only see the whole noise-cancelling concept as appropriate for two kinds of people, not for me. Those who want music but don’t like in-ear phones. And for those who WANT to hear more impulsive sounds, like snoring, babies, or people talking nearby. Perhaps someone can explain any other advantages?

Otherwise I find plain noise muffs and/or in-ear phones superior. In fact good in-ear buds alone (with foam eartips) cancel more noise than noise-reduction. Ditto just foam ear plugs when no music is desired. But allow me to mention the combination with muffs here.

  1. Of course noise-reduction handles only relatively continuous sounds. Muffs help with many types of sound.

  2. This decouples the buying decision, for noise reduction and music sound quality. Provided that in-ear wires do not harm the muff seal, which they don’t for me.

Good noise muffs are better than noise cancelation, even just for continuous sounds. Cheaper. And more comfortable, since meant for professional wear. Two better ones are Bilsom Leightning L3 at NRR 30db ($24 web incl shipping), or ProEars Ultra 33 Passsive with NRR 33db, $33.

Note though that noise reduction dbs don’t ADD, and frequency spectrums vary. I really wanted to like the above ProEars better, with leather earpieces, but the L3’s are quieter for me personally. However muffs plus buds do compliment one another some. Cheers.

I just dont get it cuz woot is known to be king of deals of the day so did they do, miss calculate inventory so now we have to wait for them to finish being made?

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Hay WOOT how the hell do I get on the list to be notified about these VIP events that you seem to keep having???
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Someone posted the URL for your last VIP http://www.woot.com/special.aspx?k=vipjabra so I have a feeling that some of it must be true.

i really don’t like over head earphones, that’s why i bought the ones from yesterday. but the noise canceling is really nice. ahh so conflicted.

I would buy these because Jabra makes nice products. But I have a pair of noise canceling Philips headphones.

You are right, the noise canceling feature is nice in noisy environments. Kind of a trip the way they work.

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There are more answers to this same question that has been asked multiple times. If you care to read back through the forum, you’ll see them.

He said “muffs”. huh huh!

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For those wondering why they have not gotten a message back from Woot… Did you add your order number to the question? I e-mailed about a couple orders today and got a work order # back very quickly! It is very difficult to track down orders without sufficient info to punch into their computer. I’m supposed to have some feedback tomorrow.

Good point! I’ll try that right now. Thanks, I hope it works.

I wish they would have the voice from Portal read the item descriptions.

No. They come with two lengths of cables and a couple converters. Plug 'em in where your speakers plug, or the front if there’s a green socket. Some computer speakers have a headphone jack for convenience. You can get an extension cable if the speaker connection is on the back. There’s three adapters, a two prong for airplanes, a 1/4" for old school stereos/amplifiers and another single airline adapter. Looks like they’re gold plated and are not cheap feeling.

Well, I’m in for one. Only thing that sucks is the short cord…I’m spoiled by the long coiled cord on my Sony MDR-700’s, but at least made it nice by having a completely replaceable cord so I can make my own premium cord, or get whatever cheap cord is sitting in my drawer-o-cord or whatever they sell at Radio Shack.

I can’t believe this question is still being asked after it has been explained about 100 times in this forum. Come on people…spend two minutes reading the forum prior to asking questions that have been answered. The only ones to receive VIP ($10 off coupon and the chance to buy early) were ones that bought MP3 and/or media players in the past month. If you didn’t buy one of those items then you did not receive the VIP notice.