Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

Lowest Price ($76.00) on EBAY:


Review (7.4/10) on CNET:


EDIT: To those saying that it’s cheaper on ebay: It’s not. Those are being bidded on. If you look at the “buy it now” prices, they’re higher…

This was a VIP offer from this site like two weeks ago? Anyway, I grabbed one then and im happy with these. Damn good headphones for the price. Love it!

They sent out secret VIP emails to nearly everyone two weeks ago. I guess they did not sell them out.


No, enlarge the photo. The cord just plugs into it.

bose is over rated

will it cancel the voices in my head?

I got this from the VIP link before.

My comments:
1: it works quite well. You hear “white noise” and they do drown out a lot of the background humming, engine noise, and for me, they help put me to sleep.
2: The battery life is better than I expected. I have been using the same battery for a week with using these 2 or 3 hours a day.
3: The only concern I have is with the thin cord it comes with, but even then, its easy to find replacements (you are not stuck buying it from Jabra)

I compared these to coworker’s Bose QC2, Sennheisers, and even a few of the Sony sets. These are much like the QC2s, just feel a little different to me and some of the higher pitches do get through (but then again, I can hear a 17Khz sound where most my age are lucky to hear over 14Khz).

For the price, they are an excellent set of Noise Canceling Phones. Just be aware that no NC Headphones are truly silent (they all generate white noise from what I could hear in my comparisons).

Too bad the price didn’t come down from what it sold for on the VIP site. What’s the deal with the leftovers from the VIP site??

unless you’re being sarchastic… :smiley:

[link=Jabra C820s review: Jabra C820s - CNET]CNet gave these a 7.4/10 or a Very Good.[/link]

I got a set from the VIP sale, rather pleased so far.

Try doing your research, there are no auctions on eBay cheaper than the price that Woot is offering these at. Lowest buy now price is $84.95, several other auctions around $30 but none have closed. Not to mention that you get these NEW from Woot, and someplace you can trust, during and after the sale.



I was unaware jabra made headsets that were not bluetooth. Great reviews, Better price.

Thanks woot! for the second purchase of mine during cyber-monday.

Is these good for all puorpose? I like to lisen to music but also to news on televison or so many much. Any advise? Any haves these like it?? Many thanks!

LOve u

I bought these last week.
I’m VERY happy I did. I haven’t heard Bose QC2’s but these are the nicest headphones I’ve ever worn. I watched a 2 hour movie and my ears didn’t really notice the headphones until near the end.
Played Unreal TOurney 3 and it sound freakin’ great.
Nothing cheap about these. The case they come in is great with a little mesh velcro bag to hold my Sansa E250R inside.
Worth every penny, IMHO.

bose makes absolutely AWFUL products. I don’t get the hype.

I’m in for one.

I have the bose ‘over ear’ model (qc2? - $300). They are nice - soft pads, fit well, work well for noise reduction, used them while flying. But after a little while, the plastic cracked on the headset part, so they are pretty much useless (someone crafty could probably tape or glue the headset part back together, the electronics still work).

So now I’ll try these for $60 instead of another set from Bose for $300.

Also, cnet seemed to think these Jabra headphones are ok.

hmm already got these during the VIP event

they look good, feel good, and sound great! haven’t worn them on a plane yet so I can’t say whether they’re awesome there too, but they’re great on the street!

What’s this VIP thing all about?

feeling unimportant :frowning: