Jabra C820s Noise Canceling Headphones

These are actually quite amazing. I bought them from the VIP woot and I was most impressed.

You’re right, Bose usually sounds good, but they rarely sound accurate. Most people find Bose to sound good, but then again, lots of people really like the sound of a heavily distorted subwoofer up against a wall made of flimsy dry wall. I’d rather have my equipment be accurate, but be flexible enough for me to accept tweaked eq/effects settings. The one thing I hate about Bose is how they use low grade hardware in their equipment, and simply make up for it by tweaking the audio spectrum.

Anyway, this product is priced about right. At this price, with the removable cord and carry case, it should last for years and years.

Per the manual:

Frequency Response- 20Hz to 22kHz
Impedance- 64 Ohm
Noise Cancellation- up to 22 dB
Weight- <7 oz (200 grams)
and 1xAAA battery should last up to 50 hours

They also come with 3 adapters (2.5mm, 6.5mm, and airline).

yes buy.com is cheaper
they have a 10 dollar off via the google check out promotion, so you save 5 dollars

Now I want one. But getting from Buy.com. I have a flight Thursday and they might make it (have received Buy.com orders in 2 days before). And about the same price when going through a “cash back” site link.

Woot’s HQ is about 15 miles from me. But all the comments of people waiting 10+ days is not good.


… depends on how tightly you stuff them in his mouth …

But if they work let me know, my wife will love you (don’t mention the ‘stuffing’ thing).

I like these but I would much rather see something smaller for our Zunes… Maybe something like some Shure E2C’s E3C’, Seenheiser CX300 or 400, or something along that line.

I bought 3 earlier for gifts and one for myself. I’m using one pair right now and it’s pretty good. I did some searches for reviews and they all say, " poor man’s Bose QuietComfort 2s". The bass isn’t deep, but overall the sound is VERY clear. Watched a dvd, tv and listened to music and these do very well.

WAY OFF TOPIC (But necessary I think)
This is no joke, your husband should seek help for his snoring, he is probably flirting with something that could take his life called Sleep Apnea. Im 2 years into using a BiPap to help me breath at night and I have been a new man with more energy ever since I went to the doctor.

Those have not been sold
check the completed item sale price to compare purchase prices.
Use your head.
Don’t mislead people (esp in CAPS).

My dad asked for a new pair of headphones for x-mas just yesterday. Perfect!

In for one.

It a kind of #000000 humor.

I was going to say this too, my Dad has SOSA (severe obstructive sleep apnea) and we teased him about his bad snoring for years . . .until he went to the doctor and was told “you could die any time during your sleep” from suffocation, literally.

The truth is, if you snore you have apnea . .you just have to go to the doctor to see if it’s medically significant

These sound great. I bought a pair a few weeks ago.

My set from the VIP sale showed up in northern Alabama on 11/24. I’ve only had time to listen to maybe 10 songs on them. In short, they are okay, but I still prefer my Sennheiser HD 280 pro set for listening around home. But for $55 I’m happy enough to want to try them out on a future airplane ride. (For $15 or less, I’d go with my Koss KSC-75 – those are amazing for the price.)

Longer comments – they are pleasant enough sounding, but the Jabra bass is noticeably boosted compared to the Senns, and bordering on booming. They seem crisp enough on the high end, but I find myself getting a bit fatigued after listening for a while; putting the Senns on again was more relaxing. Maybe I’m straining to hear the details mostly in the high end that are harder to get clearly in the Jabras?

The Jabras seem tiny (if you’ve tried on the air traffic controller sized HD 280 pros you’ll know what I mean :)) and until I actually tried them on, I didn’t think there was any way they were actually circumaural. But they did manage to fit completely around my ears.

Sitting near my computer, which has several fans running for cooling, and putting the Jabras on muffles the fan sound a bit. Then turning on the noise cancelling is pretty neat. There are a couple of seconds of things getting strange sounding, and then it’s like the fans were turned off and the sound settles down. There is a bit of high end extra sound, kind of like the slight hissing from my tinitus (but my hearing still checks out on all octaves – I’m just sensitive at about 8KHz or so with a slight hissing) but its’ really cool listening to the background droning just go away :).

The Jabras are pleasant enough; I’m planning to keep them, and want to see what they are like with a more noisy environment like riding in the car (wind noise) or an airplane. Again, for $55, I think they are a decent deal. (If I hadn’t had the $10 coupon from buying MP3 players recently, I’m not sure I’d be quite as happy with them at $65… My Senns were only $70.)

-Martin <><

I just got mine and I’m not sure how well they’re supposed to work. I’ll put them on and turn on the noise cancellation (without music playing), but the only noticeable difference is a hiss and somewhat muffled background noise. I can still hear people talking, dogs barking, and the tv in the background. When music is playing, turning on the noise cancellation seems to only increase the volume, not decrease the background noise. However, the lower frequencies and constant noises such as the dishwasher and washer/dryer do seem to be noticeably softer.

I read a review claiming these completely drowned out the sound of a lawnmower, mine definitely won’t do that. He failed to mention whether or not he was listening to music though. Perhaps it was the music that drowned out the lawnmower, not the “active noise reduction”.

Did I get a pair of duds, or am I expecting too much from noise cancellation?

damn i paid $130 for these. :[

they sound great, though not up to sennheiser or bose quality


noise canceling cancels out CONTINUOUS noise, like the plane engine or the highway wind, not voices.

Amazon.com has a lot of great comparisons from users to Bose. In summary though in case you don’t want to read them all, the sound for both are exactly the same according to all the reviewers and some think Bose is more comfortable and some think Jabra is more comfortable. For the price, this is an amazing deal in my opinion. I just bought these last week from a special woot deal for 49.99. I am very very happy with my purchase.