Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Aug 11 to Thursday, Aug 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out this “excellent” review over at pcmag.com and check out this review over at ilounge

One of the better ones for bass that I’ve tested. I picked one up at another site for a couple bucks less and about the same shipping (black only).

I’ll save you a little trouble, you’ll want to hold the ‘-’ down while powering on to get rid of the annoying cyber assistance cues. (‘+’ and then power on to turn them back on if you’re so inclined)

The specs say, “Exchangeable Soles: No”

What are “Exchangeable Soles”?

…or did they mean “Exchangeable Souls”?


Me, too! That’s what I just ordered. :')

Been wanting a speaker like this and keep delaying while thinking — and missing out on deals. So I made the leap tonight after doing a bunch of research.

Good price… Can’t wait to check out out.

Haha! Good one. Well, they sell soles in different colors for other models, but this one is not exchangeable—meaning it’s a permanent sole on bottom of unit.

Pardon my ignorance, but these are speakers, not shoes, right? What part is the sole on a speaker? And why would they feel a need to point out that they are not exchangeable?

It actually is the bottom of the speaker. For the full-size Solemate, you can buy a different color sole for the speaker.

The mini that we are selling does not have this feature.

I have the non-“mini” version of this (a deal from another site earlier this year) and love it. The only negative is the obnoxious voice that announces “Soulemate is connected” when you turn it on, and then the silly power-down sound. And the fact that the battery level is also the same voice announcement.

If you can put up with that, it’s a nice speaker… at least mine is. I assume the “mini” is of decent quality as well, just smaller drivers (and 2 instead of 3?) as well as less battery.

Great little speaker! As mentioned, surprising bass levels and I have yet to kill the battery even after hours at the beach in the sun at full blast. I have the larger one as well and this one is actually the “go-to” due to its size!

Anyone listen to hard rock / heavy metal on this? Does it sound good, or tinny like similar speakers tend to?

I purchased this speaker and I have to say I’m really impressed with the audio. However, I’m not impressed with the fact that it was advertised as having wireless phone charging capabilities when it doesn’t. I don’t blame Woot for this, because the feature is listed on the Jabra website.

"Wireless Phone Charging: Yes

You can charge your smartphone (or other device) by placing it on top of this product. The phone needs to be compatible with this feature."

I sent Jabra Support an email and this was their reply:

"Dear #####,

The Jabra unit does not support wireless charging. The NFC capability is only for the Bluetooth connection.

For you to connect, turn the speakerphone ON and press and hold MFB for about 5 seconds, until the unit announces pairing instructions. Then place both devices close to the NFC zone to connect or go to your Bluetooth and select the Jabra Solemate mini.

Best regards,
Jabra Support"

I did send a reply informing them that it is advertised as a feature on their website and that it’s very misleading, but I doubt that’s going to get me anywhere.

An overall terrible experience that ended with Jabra fixing their webpage then acting like it never happened. (archive.org doesn’t lie) Then customer service telling me that I could either pay to ship the device back to them, wait for them to receive it and process a refund or “contact our legal department directly”. They were kind enough to provide a Denmark phone number for me to call if I wasn’t satisfied with the options. It would cost more to make the call from the United States than the product costs. Hands down the worst customer service experience I’ve ever been through. Lesson learned.