Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset

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UPDATE: The second one arrived a couple of days ago and all is great! This one is in perfectly new condition and works well.

On a side note, NFC pairing is pretty cool and easy on my Note 8 but just a little janky on my wife’s iPhone 8plus although this was the first time I’ve tried pairing the iPhone with NFC.

ORIGINAL: Buyers beware, my first one was definitely used/refurbished (scratches on the charger cover, headset not secured in the plastic clear display box, and the box below the headset was installed upside-down).

As always Woot is awesome when these things come up and has issued a return shipping label and I’ve ordered another one to arrive soon. (Hopefully the second one is truly new).

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Hey @Bitchn,

I can confirm that these are :new: I am unsure how you got a used/refurbished one :disappointed_relieved:

The next one will surely be :new:


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I hope it is. I don’t think that I’ve ever been sent something in this condition that was sold as new in the past from Woot (or anyone really).

Oddly though the second one hasn’t arrived yet.

I’m glad everything worked out this time!!!