JAG Grills Eight-Seater Grilling Table

So, who is going to be the unlucky one to get smoke in his face? Stupid idea that no-one needed.

That was my first thought at well!

And just what you need on a hot summer day! Charcoal giving off huge amounts of heat right into your knees/face/crotchal area/beer.

LOTS of hot charcoal. You’d need to fire a couple bags at once for each seat to have their own grilling area. Hugely inefficient.

"Honey, ever since we got that Jag grill none of our friends will come over for cookouts anymore. What gives? It takes away all the best parts about grilling and adds all the worst parts of a bonfire, I don’t know why they wouldn’t love that. "

Was at a party that had a smaller version of this(only 6 positions. Two people had smoke in their face constantly. Eventually we all moved to a bench table on the deck. I don’t think they ever used the grill again to my knowledge.

I think someone zonked out on mind altering substances might have designed this contraption! Interesting idea, but not really for serious grilling, but perhaps a path to an adventure for people who like to play with fire and food.

-100 points for the Kickstarter template music on the video.

Hey why don’t you guys come over to cook your own steak while we all judge your cooking skills. Hey Barb, how is that smoke working with your asthma? John, you may want to take your vegan burger off. It is on fire. Tom, your kid caught he sleeve on fire again. Can’t any of you cook? Geez!

“I think some hot grease just dripped into my crotch.”
“My knees are burning.”
“Hey, is that you, neighbor friend, sitting on the other side of all of this smoke?”
“Honey, can you go buy six bags of charcoal? We’re having a BBQ tonight!”

See a video of this ridiculously stupid contraption here: http://www.businessinsider.com/jag-bbq-grill-works-table-for-people-fire-pit-food-eating-2017-3

Not to mention you’d be paying over $1,500 for the chance to sit under your bbq! What a deal.

Thinking about buying this to cook marshmellows