Jaguar XKR Wireless Optical Mouse

How much time will this optical mouse spend in the shop?

Are there really that many 8-14 year-olds buying stuff on Woot to merit these creatures showing up again and again and again?

Hopefully more reliable than an actual Jaguar.

It would seem totally silly to me to have one of these if you didn’t actually own the real car too.

Or if you did actually own the real car too.

Great white elephant gift.

It’s a Jaguar so you have to buy 2, so you can use one while the other one is broken down.

80% sold in just a few minutes. To answer my own question: Yes.


Looks REALLY ergonomic.

I own a XKR and previously had an XF-SC. Great cars, zero problems. JD Powers just ranked Jaguar #2 for quality in a tie with Porsche, just behind Lexus. Just keeping it real.

I bought this item during the last wootoff. It was purchased for light use in an office environment.

Other than having coworker comment at my excellent looking mouse, this mouse serves zero purpose. The track is garbage. Long delays on click functions.

During one frustrating event, the mouse was slammed (by me) down on the desk, during the first week of use and now will not work.