Jaguar XKR Wireless Optical Mouse

**Item: **Jaguar XKR Wireless Optical Mouse
Price: $8.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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So close… :frowning:

Closest I got, too, but not enough…

it was 201 right?

I couldn’t find the score for the scramble

should of been 12

Pretty sure I would have had it, if I didn’t accidentally copy the cut-off URL to start with. Maybe next time. :frowning:

This was my first time trying in this contest - I just hope I am entering it correct- should the website have been ? Just trying to know if I am even doing it right assuming my 1907 was correct.

D’oh! I added everything instead of doing the multiplying, etc.

Ugh too slow again! I think I would’ve had it but I read it as all 3 numbers added together the 1st time through.

Amazingly fast people here.

word: Knaidel

points: 12

tower: 1889

stripes: 7



maybe im not playing right, can anyone explain exactly where you stick the correct answer

It would have been 13307.
(Spelling Bee Score 12 + Eiffel Tower in 1889) * 7 flag stripes

Also no need to add the extra /.

I’m so confused…where do you put the answer? In a new google field? I did that and saw a woot listing, clicked in and got back to woot. would I have gotten to a b.o.c. if I was fast enough? help!

The year of The Who’s first #1 single plus the year of Springsteen’s first #1 single + the year of CCR’s first #1 single = 0

Where the heck are those salted caramels?

Yes – it is a new url (page) to go to.

…was I the only one trolled? I type in the woot address, and the first thing I see is a car. I think to myself, “Oh, when did woot start selling cars? …for 8.99$?! What is this?!”

And then I note that it’s a mouse that looks like a car…