Jam Stand Artisan Jams 3-Pack

Jam Stand Artisan Jams 3-Pack
$16.99 (Normally $25.50) 33% off List Price
(1) The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam 8oz
(1) The Jam Stand Razzy Gabby & a Side of Jalapeño Jam 8oz
(1) The Jam Stand Sweet WINO-nion Jam 8oz


this is the 1st woot off that I might not buy a thing, bummer

Jam ON!

What size (how many oz) are the jars?

That’s some pricey jelly. Think I’ll stick with peach preserves.

anyone have an ingredient list?

How much jam are we getting here? It sounds intriguing but I don’t know how much raspberry jalapeno I could consume…

Don’t quote me on this, but they look like the 8oz jelly jars.

Mmmm, peach preserves. I have a basket of peaches on my island right now, waiting for me to get up and make some preserves.

OK - looks like 8 oz per the website and $8.50 per jar retail

website does make me want to buy this…

Wish they’d let us choose - the blueberry bourbon on the website sounds way more tempting then the wine-onion.

I got some… Hope they are good!

Ok, at first I was like, it’s Jam, I don’t need that. Then I read the flavors, and was like WT-F, where did this offer come from?

Jam made with Bananas and Booze

Jam made with Raspberries and Jalapenos

Jam made with Onions?!?!? and wine.

The first two actually sound AWESOME and would have no idea what to even do with the third.

I wish it told us how long these would keep, unopened. I just don’t know how quickly I could go through such unique flavors.

Maybe it’s my desire for Brandini, but these flavor combinations just sound… umm… Awful.

Surprised they don’t come with a side of bacon, couldn’t make them any worse, hehehe (BTW, I hate bacon…)

I opened a bag of their toppers last night mummmmmmmmm

The info page sold me on this one. Smear it on a burger. Sounds pretty wonderful. But that banana one sealed the deal.

Come on people buy up all this jam so we can get on to some serious wine buying!

Me too - on the weekend. Made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but with toppers in place of chips, and pecans. Divine! I’m ready for another round - woot gods? Can you say “brandini”?

I did my part. My wife didn’t seem repulsed by the flavors so I’m in for one.

Other than Chocolate, this is my first woot food purchase.

I’m in! I’m intrigued by all the flavors and depending on texture, I’m thinking the onion might be nice on some melted brie.