JAM Transit Bluetooth On-Ear Stereo Headphones

I have a black pair of these I got for a little more on sale at Best Buy. I really like them. They sound good and I can watch movies on my iPad while I’m cooking or when the mini me is watching something else on TV or her iPad.

These have good reviews for their sound and bluetooth capability, but also a good number of reviewers saying they stopped working within a few months. Maybe a decent gamble at the price point, but just be aware. $5 more on Amazon after shipping.


I don’t know if others have had a problem with them working, but I have had mine for 6 months and they have been awesome. I am ordering a couple of extra sets because I know hat they can’t last forever as I use them 4-8 hours daily. Very comfortable with many earrings in both ears, and sound great!

KICK OUT THE JAMS, *************!!!

How are they for workouts?