James Family Cellars Pinot Noir (3)

James Family Cellars Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2010 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Stony Point Vineyard
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Here’s a link to the 09’ vintage sale for the same wine including winery participation and some community notes.

Some additional specs would be nice. Particularly PH and TA, I like my pinots zippy.

Interestingly, both reviewers of the previous offer of the 2009 vintage seemed to have the perception of high acidity (maybe due to tartness in the flavor profile?) but the pH was 3.81 and TA of 4.85 which would seem to be somewhat low in acidity.

09’ was a much riper year. I’m hoping the specs will tell me the story for the 2010.

Good morning, Wooters! We’re very happy to be back, and I’ll be happy to get you the specifications you’re asking about. I have our lab analyses at the office, but, unfortunately I can’t get there for a couple of hours (I’ve got a meeting with the accountant, ugh!). Will get back to you as soon as I can, but in the meantime please know that our '10 is pouring beautifully and has our characteristic structure, in fact, it paired very well with salmon cakes last night!

Had this on Friday and man was it tasty! Here is the skinny:

  1. started the day with a Tercero Viognier on the porch while the boys finished playing outside

  2. Switched to this offering for dinner (had Zankou Chicken-mutabel, tarna, tabouleh…you get the picture) knowing that any quality PN should match with mediterranean fare.

  3. Notes:
    Color: a darker shade of ruby red (a tad darker for a PN than I am used to)

Nose: could smell the cherries/floral aspect a mile away! Beautiful floral nose with cherry and hints of clove and earth (though not as earthy as an Oregon pinot)

Body: nice, medium legs and a medium body (not too watery but not too thick). Smooth tannins

Taste: Yum! Plenty of fruit with a small serving of mushrooms…paired perfectly with the food…the alcohol was in perfect harmony with the body, acidity, and fruit

Overall, it is a well-crafted PN that is balanced and can be enjoyed with or without food (we finsihed tmnost of it on the porch lsitening to Morrissey). It is a bit rough on the edges but not much (comparing it to more elegant and refined PN’s ala Skewis or Siduri). I also disagree with the CT note to drink 2015. I left a small serving in a wine glass overnight and it was still going strong the next morning. I would say 3-4 more years of life in this baby.

I pegged it at $35 MSRP and $20 delivered is a smoking deal…it truly drinks like a $35 bottle IMO and reminded me why PN is my favorite grape. Finally, I would say it is a cross between an Oregon PN (more earthy and Burgundian in style) and a CA pinot (fruitier and colaish)

And under 300 cases to boot!

it is zippy. Not brooding at all IMO. Great food wine. I would guess (and just a wild guess) PH around 3.5 or so…not that I have any idea how I came up with that number :slight_smile:

Thanks, for evaluating our wine, losthighwayz. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!
By the way, the pH at bottling was 3.74, and the TA was 5.6. Cheers!

Thanks for jumping on board. Really enjoyed your bottle. Any thoughts on drinking window?

Yes - I agree that there are easily a couple more years of vibrant life left in the '10… the structure is still in place to support that. On the other hand, it is showing such nice balance and complexity now that it may be difficult to hang on to it for very long!

Thanks for joining us! Specs for pH & TA have been added to the sale now.

Info post:
All tasting notes for this wine have been cross posted into CT under user name wine.woot_taster. User names have been removed to protect the guilty. PM me if you want your tasting note removed or user name added back.

Thanks and back to the wineing.