James Family Cellars Pinot Noir (3)

James Family Cellars Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2011 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Stony Point Vineyard
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Hi, Wooters! We are very happy to be back with you, and we’re glad to be able to present the 2011 Pinot Noir from our Stony Point Vineyard. It’s a beautiful wine - just had some with grilled chicken & apple sausage and saffron rice - delicious!


Enjoyed this bottle on Wednesday night with Sparkys Nephew. We got to it after dinner as I was chasing a 2 year old to bed and a NB to feeding time. So there was no meal to go with it despite feeling like it really is a nice food wine. (see below)

Color depth is medium, and color is garnet.
The wine is clear and free of any sediment.

It boasts a young big nose of raspberry and ripe cherries and a touch of cinnamon.

The palate is dry, light/medium bodied, fresh acidity and low soft tannins.
I would call the wine balanced with some of the tartness leading me to say this wine would benefit from some food but is fine on its own as well.

The flavor profile is again raspberry and tart cherries. It has a medium length finish. I did not note any oakiness, but it was somewhat tart/sour in the initial taste, as the palate got used to it it faded very quickly. The wine has a juicy component in the entry and fades to a drying finish.

Overall I really enjoyed the wine, its a classic example of a sonoma coast pinot but a slightly lighter style. If I had the wine again I would make sure to pair a meal with it. It’s not the most complex pinot but I find pinots from this region rarely are. recommended at $20. For a similar wine that’s a bit rougher around the edges (half the price) but has a similar flavor profile check out the Ramsay North Coast Pinot.


The little man from FedEx dropped off a bottle of this at my house late last week. Last Saturday my wife and I drank it, both with dinner and then by itself afterwards.

My apologies in advance for not taking any pictures. I’m kind of an old guy, and not really hip to the whole Life Instagrammatic.

Popped and poured the first glass right before we ate. Dinner was pulled pork sandwiches - a small pork loin roast, with garlic, onions, BBQ spice mix, and a couple cups of rhubarb fresh from the garden, run through the slow cooker for six hours, and served on home-baked sourdough kaiser rolls. The wine was definitely a good match with this meal (as generally seems to be the case with pork and PN.) While drinking it with dinner nothing particularly jumped out at us, especially nothing negative.

Continuing after dinner, we were both very impressed with this wine. It hit a lot of the expected PN notes - a sourness on the tongue, as well as a strong cherry cola flavor. The sourness had almost a port-like quality to it initially, but (as the previous review noted) faded fairly quickly. The tannins were noticeable but not intrusive.

Something we both noticed was how much more this tasted like a European Pinot, and in particular a Rheingau Spätburgunder.

Definitely an excellent food wine.

Hi again, Wooters! We were hoping that our “Vintner Voicemail” would have been posted by now. I had mentioned a couple of food pairing ideas on that recording, including grilled salmon (our local salmon season is now open - yum!). I also noted that 4 of the 5 cheeses being featured on the site this week are from right here in Sonoma County; they are all great products from great neighbors. Sonoma Coast Pinot with Sonoma County cheeses? Count me in!

Thank you! I appreciated this review!

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Cherish well your thoughts, and keep a tight grip on your booze
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Hi, Gang. I’ve just come in from the vineyard and am excited to see a bowl of strawberries sitting on the counter. Fresh strawberries and our Pinot are truly a match made in heaven. Alright - I’ve talked myself into it! We’ll open a bottle of our '11 Pinot Noir, slice some Jack cheese that’s in the fridge, grab those strawberries, and sit and watch the fog roll in over the hills to the west. Life is good here in wine country… Cheers!

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