James Family Cellars Pinot Noir (3)


My notes from back in May

Color depth is medium, and color is garnet.
The wine is clear and free of any sediment.

It boasts a young big nose of raspberry and ripe cherries and a touch of cinnamon.

The palate is dry, light/medium bodied, fresh acidity and low soft tannins.
I would call the wine balanced with some of the tartness leading me to say this wine would benefit from some food but is fine on its own as well.

The flavor profile is again raspberry and tart cherries. It has a medium length finish. I did not note any oakiness, but it was somewhat tart/sour in the initial taste, as the palate got used to it it faded very quickly. The wine has a juicy component in the entry and fades to a drying finish.

Overall I really enjoyed the wine, its a classic example of a sonoma coast pinot but a slightly lighter style. If I had the wine again I would make sure to pair a meal with it. It’s not the most complex pinot but I find pinots from this region rarely are. recommended.




Why are there white grapes and white wine in the glass on the cover pic for this wine??