Jamieson Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Duo

Jamieson Ranch Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Duo
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2010 Jamieson Ranch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Coombsville, Napa Valley
2011 Jamieson Ranch Vineyards Double Lariat Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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The sole CT review of the Double Lariat is kinda scary… Would like some rat input before I contemplate that yellow button.

Anyone from the April 9th offer able to give us a rat report?

Wine Enthusiast Review for the 2011 Double Lariat, 89 points:

A very nice wine, showcasing the Napa style of lush, plush opulence. It’s softly tannic, with ripe blackberry, raspberry, mocha and cedar flavors. Not an ager—drink by 2015.
— (12/31/2013) — 89 S. H.

Pretty sure one of these was on the tasting table at the tour M&G as well, so with luck you had some, perhaps without realizing it.
Yes, just found my bottle shot; the white label '11 Napa Cab was there.

In my running around I remember only having a taste and thinking it was one of the better bottles there. No, not much help, but there were 34 others that also had the opportunity, and some take good notes, if they don’t lose them.

Got some of the reata’s (same winery) on a major closeout about a month ago or two ago. It’s a really nice wine, I’m sure these are excellent as well.

the discussion thread from April was…to say the least…lack-luster…

Can someone who bought back then chime in on this? At least now it’s $5 less… o_0

Sorry this is so late; got back from the tour, etc., late last night, still jet-lagged. Not so much that I can’t remember the Double Lariat, though. We tasted it last Sunday (8/3) at the tour Meet and Greet. I thought it was a standout, dark fruit, plums, blackberries, soft tannins, especially for a 2011. Maybe not a “screaming deal,” but a very nice wine at a decent price.

Guess my ‘one of the better bottles’ was excessively understated.