Jamo by Klipsch 10" & 12" Subwoofers

Ordered the 12 from this sale, just set it up in my living room. This sub ROCKS! I love it! The frequencies this thing hits are incredible, very low house shaking. I have an Onkyo 737 rec. and Mordaunt 7.1 surround system. If your rec. supports it make sure you use both left and right inputs on the sub, makes a huge difference!

Recently received the 12" sub and added it to my stereo 2.0 system. I mainly use the stereo to listen to music. Adding this subwoofer made me realize that I’ve been missing some low frequency content, especially in modern audio engineered music. I am very pleased with my now 2.1 system. Taking the low frequency load off of my floorstanding speakers and adjusting the crossover frequency has improved the sound even more, over just simply adding in the subwoofer.

How does these subs perform with heavy bass movies? Have anybody had issues with bottoming out?