Jamo by Klipsch 5.0CH Home Cinema System

Exactly. The specs don’t state whether speaker wire is even included in the package.

But the wires for a TV can exist still behind the TV, be plugged into outlets behind the TV, which is very wide in comparison to this item. You have to expend quite a bit of effort to get the wires for this hidden behind the tiny stem connecting the speaker to its mount and completely conceal them from the perspective of every shot. Also, speakers do come in wireless format very often. Not a lot of TVs do, and certainly not the 60" variety. Personally, I think they are cheating and trying to fool the casual observer into thinking they may be wireless. Which they are not. they have wires.

We’ve added that they’re wired to the title and specs. Sorry for the confusion.

There are alot of questions, so rather than address each individually I thought I would just post. This system is designed to be hooked up to a receiver through wires. You would then want to add a subwoofer to this to complete the system. We dont put subwoofers prepacked with most of the systems, because based on room size some people may want a different size subwoofer. This system does use omnipolar technology like the Marage products do. Jamo is a Klipsch brand as is Energy and Mirage. Jamo is a Danish company that Klipsch bought over five years ago. That’s where the design element comes from.

I apologize if there are typos I am about to jump on a plane but wanted to clear up any confusion that I could before I become unavailable.

Thank you for all of your support!

well the ‘they are wired’ just took them out of my cart. Glad I didn’t hit the big yellow button last night when they came up.

Do I need to purchase a receiver to utilize these speakers? never mind the previous comment addressed this.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent bargain subwoofer to accompany this? I looked at the Jamo subs and would have been interested in one, but I’d essentially be paying the same price for the sub as I did for the speakers. That takes down the wife-approval-level quite a bit :-(.

Don’t waste your money on this. If you need cheap home theater here is a good option that includes the subwoofer for $260 (you might even find it cheaper at rakutan

This will sound much better than these little low efficiency golf ball speakers. Don’t take my word- check out all the reviews on it. Check prices first- you might find it even cheaper.

Thanks Gak! I’ll tell my brother about these. Found them at Monoprice for $230.

Gak, I appreciate your response. Unfortunately, I’m fighting with the Wife Approval Factor in terms of design.

Looks like they’re having a free shipping offer on that set too at Monoprice. Often it’s $30+ for shipping, so definitely a good deal.

No problem. I fully understand the wife factor. You will learn a good bartering tool is to allow her to buy a pair of shoes. She gets her pair, then you get your pair back (at least temporarily). Good luck either way.

These look like watered down trickle down technology from Mirage’s Nanosat line of speakers.

Klipsch bought out all of the competition including Mirage,Jamo and Athena.Their plan is to now charge $$$$ for gumball machine quality speakers from China.Nothing Klipsch has now will hold a candle to the quality of Athena,Energy or Jamo before the buyout.

Exactly! An outrageous MSRP on average quality speakers that barely cost the price on sale…

Has no one else noticed they look a lot like little toilet seats?

I’ve never seen speakers come with wire.

Still waiting to hear from Woot about these… I haven’t received any return correspondence from my submissions on the support page, and I don’t have any information to show the status of my order. I ordered 2 other items when I purchased these speakers, and both have arrived at my doorstep. I would love to hear back from someone at Woot with an explanation of the delay and/or an update on my purchase.

Hi there. The speakers are shipping from a different location and ship in 3-5 business days. It’s likely they shipped and we’re just waiting on tracking.

I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

Can you add me too? Still waiting for any word on these shipping. I submitted an inquiry via the support page but haven’t heard anything from that either.