Jana Angel Eis Riesling Ice Wine (2)

This should be popular.

Jana Angel Eis, Riesling Ice Style Wine 375ml 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $94.20) 36% off List Price
2010 Angel Eis, Riesling Ice Style Wine 375ml

Because it is delicious.

tried ordering to ship to North Carolina (which is on the list) but it says it can’t ship there when I try to place an order :frowning:

I would love to hear why people think Ice Wine is so great. I’ve tasted from $50-60 bottles but I don’t understand what differentiates them from bottles I can pick up for $10-20.

What should I be looking (tasting) for? Is this a crispness / purity / flavor thing or a complexity / layered / mouthfeel thing?

Tasted by mschauber on 7/15/2012 & rated 93 points: This is just too easy to drink. Definitely will be ordering more

I better see your name in lights! hah

In for one set cuz Scott makes it!..nough said!

And to think I almost missed it… One of my cats had muted the sound and I hadn’t noticed. Just happened to look up and see Jana and jumped on it. In for 2.

This is basically the same price as the wine club price, but you save the shipping and tax (both of which are quite high to NYC…)

I think you hit it with the complexity thing and layers of flavor, which also lends itself to mouthfeel. I also think people tend to drink these too cold/chilled, which masks the flavors.

Ice style wine?
C’mon Scott Harvey, you are charging full Eiswein prices for some grapes you froze before pressing? The reason why real ice wines from Canada/Germany cost so much is that the harvest window is extremely small and can’t be planned for. You harvest the grapes whenever you want to and then freeze them. Your yield goes down, but at $100 for a 375 bottle? Really?
The woot brings the price in line what it should actually cost

Bummed that I missed the previous faux ice wine on this wootoff, but happy now that I have this one. Inching closer and closer to that black square.

I wish I could explain what I liked so much about it. I just can’t. It’s one of those things you know you like the first sip you take.

I think it’s best slightly warmer than standard fridge temp. Maybe 56 degrees or there abouts.

If I didn’t already have a case…

Never had ice or “ice style” wine before, but willing to try based on comments. Plus it’s Scott Harvey. Looking forward to it. Should this be served chilled?

Last wooter to woot: bolligra

Looks like a total of 50 units for sale… It’s going fast!!

So, glad (and sad) that CT is not on the list. No funds = no fun.

$40 per 375ml on the website…the list price here is for 2 bottles plus estimated tax and shipping minus $5 Woot shipping which is confusing but they won’t budge.

20 minutes and out… Pretty damn fast for a wine offering…

This was two bottles, not one.