Jana Cathedral - 2 Pack by Scott Harvey

Jana Cathedral - 2 Pack by Scott Harvey
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PRODUCT: 2 2005 Jana Cathedral Napa Valley Red Meritage Style Blend
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Any tasting notes? Drink now or Hold?

FWIW the CT “find the wine” search comes up with 2 US stores that list it at $55/bottle…

No notes with me but it was a great wine. I think it has a lot of time left too, I bet it just keeps getting better for the next 5-7 years. I have 5 left and will probably grab another 6 to drink over the next 11 years…

Completely irrelevant, but the bottles are also just gorgeous.

I bought 4 of these last time and have drunk 3–the first was outstanding, an amazing wine! The second really rather bad, I finished the bottle but it was on par with some of the bad, cheap wine I’ve had in the past. The third tasted like it needed another year or two in the basement. All three had misshapen corks, like they used ones that were too large for the neck and were just jammed in. Also the bottles are oddly shaped, which looks pretty but is inconvenient for storing in smaller wine fridges (like the 12 bottle Haier I have).

Overall I wish I could recommend this wine, and if you get ones that taste like that first one I had, they’re definitely worth every penny! But I’ll be skipping this one personally.

EDIT: Agreed that the bottles are extremely pretty, though. And yes, the label is a print, not a sticker.

Scott Harvey is a fantastic winemaker. I’ve had the occasion to sell his wines in the SF Bay Area and he is not only talented but genuine too.

in for 2, no room for more :frowning:

Jana Cathedral - 2 Pack by Scott Harvey
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I bought this the last time around. It was great. I was sorry I did not buy more. Thanks to this woot-off I did just that.

Beautiful wine in a beautiful bottle from a stellar winemaker at an amazing price. What more could you want?

In for two… Scott’s juice is pretty darn good and we’re obviously getting a pretty darn good deal to boot. Makes up for not getting to up my Humanitas buy last night.

I bought 2 sets lastand am seriously debating grabbing 1 more 2 pack without even opening a bottle yet.
But if I do its the last thing ill buy this wootoff…and we still have another 5 hours to go after sells out possibly.

DaXX woot offs. In for one
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Worth buying to hold onto when my only storage is a rack in a non-temperature/humidity-controlled spot in our living room?

I know this is excellent wine, just don’t want to ruin it.

Do you at least have air conditioning? And also depends on how long you intend to hold onto it…

EDIT: To be fair, my initial response was just to wince. But I figured you don’t need the detailed “you should store it in something of temp ___ with humidity controls” lecture/rant/etc. Where I live it would not be a wise thing to do anything else, but you can get away with it for a little while if you have A/C…but it’s not something I’d do for years without a fairly cool spot or actual temp-controlled wine storage.

Well thats it then…i reread the other thread and remebered how this is a wonderful deal and now I have 6 bottles to stretch out over 10 or 15 years.

that makes 15 bottles for this wootoff.Seriously done.

more states that qualify for shipping!

How do I adjust my order for more after I clicked the stupid large button…I WANT MORE!!! and it won’t let me do it…

How do I adjust my order for more after I clicked the stupid large button…I WANT MORE!!! and it won’t let me do it…