Jana Cathedral (2)

Scott, I know the 2012 was an acclaimed wine. 2013, I thought was an even better year, so how does this one compare to the 2012?

EDIT: TT or WD, can you see if Scott will be checking in on this offer and answering some of the posts?

The 2005 Cathedral made a true believer out of me for Scott and Jana’s wine. So silky, big, round and delicious.
That 2005 was a blend of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon / 4% Petit Verdot / 4% Cabernet Franc out of the Martin Vineyard in Coombsville.
Production for this 2013 is a quarter of the 2005, and I know Scott and Jana don’t produce this yearly. As with children, not fair to compare the two, but how does the 2013 stack up?
Scott or Jana? Kyle?


Yes, you!

In for 1.
Last purchase* (of any wine, anywhere) for a looooong time: SIWBM now that bambina #2 on the way!

  • consumption rate unaffected.

Ditto. Picked up 6 when it was offered a little while ago, and debating whether to get 6 more. Looked and I still have 3 bottles of the '05 in my (incredibly full) cellar.

Best of the best! Silky smooth, great finish. Top 3 all time favorite wines :slight_smile:

Sold out? Even before Scott could reply to our questions?

I’m shocked as well. I was thinking of placing an order last night, but I figured I’d wait until today so that I’d have a chance to hear Scott’s input first. I’m bummed I missed this :frowning:

Darn… must not have been many bottles allocated to this sale. I was also planning on buying.

Hi Everyone,
Didn’t even know we were on woot today. Sorry about that. The 2012 is a little lighter than the 2013. Both wines came from the same three vineyards. 2012 came in at 24 brix while the 2013 came in at 27 brix. Alcohol says 13.5% on both but the 2013 is 13.95% while the 2012 is closer to 13.2%. Other than that, both wines were made the same using the same wine making procedure.

Any chance you can talk WD into offering some more? Quite a few of us were going to buy and didn’t before it sold out.