Jana Cathedral Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

$180 on the website, so this seems like a pretty good price ($130), which includes shipping.

Also from the website:
Cabernet Sauvignon from the Carpenter Vineyard in St. Helena in Napa Valley. This is the vineyard that surrounds our home on Fulton Lane. The small crop and berry size allows for full maturity of the grapes at lower sugar levels, allowing us to make a true regional and varietal wine at 13.5% alcohol. Being European trained, this vineyard allows me to produce a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon as a balanced, complete wine. The wine was aged for 31 months in French Oak creating a flavorful wine with well-rounded tannins. 31 months of barrel aging produced a well structured, chewy, firm wine with a aromas and tastes of violets and mint, and a long, full finish.

I would have happily volunteered to do a tasting report on this one. There’s still time to ship a 750 before the offer ends on 09/19(hint, hint).

What happened to the ‘Specs’ tab?

It’s playing the invisible game. Thanks for the heads up!

On a SIWBM, but severely tempted. Bought two last time and drank one with a couple friends. It’s everything you’d expect out of a Jana Cathedral. May still pick up an extra or two, will have to decide tomorrow, but if you’re on the fence, grab it while it lasts, this is some of the best WW has to offer.

I bought the large format 2007 vintage of this wine. It’s been in the basement in the original Styrofoam shipping container since then; I rotate it every month or three as I do all of my wine cellared in a similar fashion. Not ideal conditions but certainly not so bad. Should I plan a party to open this soon or do you think it will hold?

Can I ask why you rotate your bottles? In general keeping your wine resting gently in the same spot without disruption is preferred. mho. Just curious.

It’s what I was taught to do when I first started drinking wine in the early 90’s, so I’ve always done it. I should probably stop doing it if there is no reason.

Just a guess here, but if you are cellaring in a more open environment (not an enclosed room with temperature control) it may help all your wine to age evenly if its position is rotated? No idea, I’ve heard of rotating barrels but not bottles…

Just be clear, I store wine in the styrofoam shipping containers that Woot uses during the summer.
As for turning the bottles, a quick google search indicated I was doing it wrong and that whoever told me that likely was confused. We didn’t have teh interwebz back then…

Was not trying to be critical, at all. And big picture probably not hurting anything. But best practice probably to not rotate them. And keeping them in the styro offers you up some temperature stability.
Again just an opinion. And sometimes opinions get you in trouble around here. Just sayin’


Say it ain’t so :slight_smile:


No criticism taken, found it quite interesting in that I never questioned it. The person who told me this was the manager at the restaurant I worked at to put myself through college. We smoked a lot of dope together. I should have double checked his advice on wine 20 years ago!

ANYWHO…would love for Scott to opine on the drinking window of both this 2010 offering as well as the 2007. I’m a big fan of his zin and barbera, and am tempted by this offer. I’ve heard on better authority than my old stoner boss that the large formats tend to age longer and more gracefully than the standard 750ml.

Spicoli lives

My two faux rat cents: it’s drinking great right now, though 30-60 in the decanter made it superb and killed a lot of the tannin, so I’d say between the bottle size and current taste, it could cellar for at least a decade.

I’m no expert, though, just a wino. :wink:

Perhaps. I kind of stopped puffing that stuff after college…


[QUOTE=SmilingBoognish, post:17, topic:614197]
Perhaps. I kind of stopped puffing that stuff after college…


love it

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