Jana Cathedral Special Library (2)

Jana Cathedral by Scott Harvey Special Library 2-Pack
$99.99 $̶1̶6̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 39% off List Price
Jana Cathedral 2005 Napa Valley Red Meritage Style Blend
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And you people complained about weekend offers. I bet you feel pretty stupid now, huh? Or at least wrong. Ok; maybe more wrong than stupid. But really wrong, right? Like, really wrong.

This is a lot of dough for a silver medalist.

Can anyone share their notes for this specific vintage? I’ve heard nothing but good.

Shoot! I don’t have the money for this so I of course went in for one. We had this at the D&D after party at Scott’s house. I picked up a bottle (or 2 I can’t remember) then. It’s yummy juice. I unfortunately don’t have notes though.

Edit: Now Scott, how about the '03? :wink:

2nd Edit: Oops. I bought the 2006. But I believe we tried the '05. Now I’m doubting myself.

Ugh. I just got hammered with an exorbitant tax statement too. Maybe if I sleep on this deal it will be sold out by the time I wake up and my mind will be made up for me.

Yes how about that '03? :slight_smile:

I’ve got a case of the '05…need '04 (did you make an '04?) and the '03 was terrific!

Is this The same bottle that was offered on Invino late in 2011?

So Scott says in the Vintner Voicemail that it’s 100% Cabernet. However, the specs sheet says 92% Cabernet, 4% PV and 4% CF. So which is it? Thanks!

'04 is available on the website so he did make one. :slight_smile:

In for one because I think if I sleep on this I’m going to miss on it.

Which means I’m going to sleep on it and if it’s still there in the morning I’ll get another set.

Looking at the last two sales, they had the same specs as we do now and Scott made no correction to it in the comments. I think he just misspoke in the voicemail. I’ll send an email just in case though.

Update: See Scott’s post below.

Yeah, an '04 exists, siting between my '03 and 05’s. Gotta think of a reason to do a five year vertical tasting.

Purchased this at last offer on 1/17/2012 and, at $59.99 (black tie, remember those?) wished I had got more. Yes, the bottles are overly large and top-heavy, but, after a 12-hour decant, paired the Jana with the best steak of my life in the company of my two best buddies in celebration of us becoming fathers.
Thanks as always, Scott and Jana, which begs the question: how much longer should I hold the remaining bottle before peak?

I’m pretty sure I bought this more than a year ago from WW.

It’s quite good, I mean really quite good. To my personal tastes $50/bottle is about right, but just so. (I find you can do better for $50 with a Rhone varietal)

It’s excellent cab in a more old world style, not the super extracted Napa wines making the pages of Wine Spectator now.

I would posit the lower rankings are a stylistic choice and not reflective of the wine quality.

P.S. The bottle is a conversation starter

Ah yes - I’ve added and consumed a bottle or two since (what a great price!) and while I have three left will be picking up a couple more.

Looking at my CT I’m missing the 04 out of my five year vertical - will need to rectify that too.

Screw the SIWBM. In for 2 before it sells out.
$60 last time 2 years ago. So that’s $7.50/yr/btl cellaring fees. I can live with that.

And I get to drink it more than once. What’s not to like?

It was a good bottle when it was at $54.99 for two. At $99, I’ll have to pass.

Same here. A bit overpriced.

Here’s the trade sheet for this juice