JanKris Estate Mixed Red Case

don’t care what new owner has done, this was the only Wine.Woot order that was undrinkable (known to our family as “the purple wine” due to their labels and memorable because it was so awful).

Hard to overcome those kind of awful memories…

Perhaps some labrat reviews can change my mind and i can pick up a case on the next wine.woot-off, as I refuse to take another chance on this winery.


Probably neither. From the winery website:

“Mr. Talbert (proprietor) is owner of Pritchard Hill Vineyards in Paso Robles, California, and recently acquired JanKris winery and vineyards in Paso Robles.”

I suspect this is a clearance of inventory from the old regime, and if that’s the case, that’s a big red flag, based on my experience with their 2004 vintage. Those wines were the worst I’ve ever had from wine woot, and I’ve had a lot of wine woot wine… 400 bottles or so.

on edit: I just noticed that these were bottled in the fall of 2008, so it’s possible that Mr. Talbert was in charge by then. But with three years between harvest and bottling for the 2005’s, and only 16 months in barrels, the question is, what was going on with the juice for the other 20 months or so?

I’ve had the JanKris Crossfire 05. Purchased locally at a Spencers fresh market (california based organic-ish market). I think I paid $8 before tax and CRV but I don’t have a value on my CT notes.

Nothing really notable about the wine but it wasn’t bad and I’d probably buy another. Not sure if I’ll go in on this case though

Either way at about $8 a piece you’re not getting a fantastic deal but its not bad, especially if you can’t get it locally.

My first wine woot purchase :)dont let me down woot, this is my 3rd case purchase today!

Sorry to interrupt current discussion …

I just checked my FedX tracking for my Ty order… picked up the 19th delivery scheduled for the 26th?!! I thought woot did their best to make sure wine didn’t sit over the weekend? I am really nervous, as it is going to be in the mid 90’s here!!! Someone please give me words of hope!!!

now back to previous discussion…

Fair enough. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the JanKris wines when I ordered them in February 2009. One of my two or three least favorite woots. I know you got a lot of negative feedback from those wines from the ‘regulars’.

My guess is that you would not do another deal with JanKris unless you thought what was on offer was substantially better. Not willing to pull the trigger on that guess yet, though.

On some of them, the numbers look better. Too much better almost, for Paso. Were any of them de-alc’ed?

I will be curious to see if there are any 'rats with experienced palates whose opinions I trust.

This is the question we all have. Does this much discussed creature of lore actually exist? This woot has suddenly became much more interesting. I think Geraldo is on his way at this very moment.


I think I will pass. Any of the notes on Cellar Tracker are not very promising.

Classic American conundrum. You know these wines are going to be pretty bad, yet they are cheap. What to do, What to do? Sadly our culture encourages buying cheap even if its horrible quality. Sigh.

Carlo Rossi has also won several silver medals, so I’m not sure that it really means anything.
Carlo Rossi Awards

I have to say those are some interesting blends (I’m not even sure interesting is the right word - Zinfandel, CS, Merlot). I generally like my wine in the European style and the Zinfandel has me puzzled (my brain hurts).

It means a lot if you like drinking Carlo Rossi

Long time reader, occasional buyer, first time poster. First off thank you to all the frequent posters here I have learned a lot from you and, more importantly, my ensuing purchases.

I much prefer giving god reviews but this is the first time I have any experience with the wines listed. I have not tried these specific bottles but the previous ‘purple labels’, which did include similar blends, was one of my first purchases.
There was nothing remotely good to say about them. They were overly strong, unbalanced, harsh, and generally difficult to drink. Even for this nice price per bottle, and as another pointed out the fact woot would probably not go back to the maker after receiving poor comments on a previous selection, there is no way I would take another chance on this winemaker. In fact the price per bottle now also gives me pause as I have learned that, as in most things, an enjoyable wine normally does not come this cheap.

That said I have made many very enjoyable wine.woot purchases for around $10 a bottle so keep up the great job woot!

Fair enough. I just felt really uneasy about the fact that I was a cheerleader during that previous offering, and then it got fed to the sink…

not even good enough for cooking? wow.

Hey, my mother likes Carlo Rossi!!!

It is what is. I don’t think at this price anyone is expecting them to win gold in the over $45 cab category.

No. But, a purchaser’s reasonable expectation is that each will be not less than what we used to call in the trade sound commercial wine: that is, it would look, smell, and taste like wine (though not necessarily show characteristic flavors or aromas of particular grape varieties), be without significant flaws (excessive tannins, oak chips, imbalance, alcohol etc.) or defects (such various forms of bacterial or chemical contamination, excess sulfur dioxide, acetic acid), and not be spoiled from storage (oxidation, acetic acid).

Truth to tell, Gallo Hearty Burgundy, and Gallo’s Carlo Rossi lower quality label, is almost always sound commercial wine. Not terribly interesting, but sound and basically inoffensive. The Rossi sits on the borderline of acceptable sound commercial wine, but they couldn’t make and sell the millions of gallons they do if it weren’t sound.

My assessment of the initial JanKris offering that I purchased was that I would not rate one of them as sound commercial wine. The simply were not sound, and would not have been acceptable in the trade at any price point.

WineDavid’s palate and mine are not identical, but I’ve tasted with him enough to know he is pretty good, and getting better through vastly greater experience than he had 3-4 years ago when wine.woot started out. That’s why I would be surprised if he did a deal with JanKris unless these were at least sound commercial wine.

But, who knows… the rats will tell.

Oh super. That should keep me busy later tonight when I should be doing other things like getting ready for the Detroit wine.woot gathering tomorrow! :wink:

I’m not sure what point you are making.

They had won several awards for these wines and I think everyone understands that while a lot of awards get handed out there are thousands of wines that never win anything.

Granted at $8/bottle you shouldn’t expect nectar of the gods but it’s an indication that they aren’t complete swill.

labrats reports should be interesting.

I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal but the older 2004 crossfire only sells for $9.99 each anyways. So we aren’t talking high end to begin with. http://www.superwinesearch.com/search/JanKris+crossfire+2004/