JanKris Killer Case Strikes Again

JanKris Killer Case Strikes Again
$95.99 $268.00 64% off List Price
2011 JanKris Crossfire, Paso Robles
2011 JanKris Riatta, Paso Robles
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All the stories I’ve heard about JanKris are only rumors; to me.

And what happened to International Saturday?

So is this winery owned by Castoro cellars?

Some interesting comments on this on the July offering thread. Has anyone gotten their wine from that offer? Tasting notes?

it is now owned by Castoro. this is a classic example of upgrading your “daily drinker” wines. This wine fights way above it’s weight class for the price.

boo! no shipping to NH ???

Definitely enjoyed the 2004 Crossfire and Reatta (along with the Picaro blend) from the first offering back in '06. They were a great deal at $14 per bottle back in 2006. In for two here!

Holiday wine. In 2013 I purchased the Fat Goose as a dinner wine and for gifts. Now, this will be my new Fat Goose. Thanks Wine.Woot for starting a yearly holiday tradition.

What’s up with the payments? Can only use Amazon accounts? I was ready to pull the trigger on this and now I have to create YET ANOTHER account somewhere?

I am skeptical but am going to give this a try. Last purchased the Scott Harvey case this summer and wasn’t thrilled with it, hence the skepticism. Paso Robles does put out some nice product, so we will see.
So, it’s now arrived and we had our first try last night. I am sorely disappointed and can forsee giving this away at Christmas. Very vegetable tasting and very close to a Pinot Noir hard candy flavor. I am not a Pinot fan so this JanKris is doing nothing for me.

Any knowledge to share as to when they bought it and starting with which vintage did they take over the vineyards and winemaking? I like castoro quite a bit and find their wines to be well made and usually good QPR. Many of the trader joes branded wines were made by them.

If you ~really don’t like~ the SH, many here would likely be quite please to take it off your hands at cost.
Curious, which did you not care for?

Same vineyards/winemaker now as before the Castoro acquisition?
Besides ownership, what else has changed?

in for one. We’re always looking for a daily drinker, and Pedroncelli has been stingy with their Cab of late. :frowning:

No shipping to Wy.? That’s a first.

nothing has changed. Jankris parent company dissolved. good opportunity.

Thanks WD.
I assume this is this old inventory then…?

Trusting you on this one, WD.

Don’t go submitting it to Spectator or anything… and the color of that cap… but yea great QPR.