JanKris Killer Case

JanKris Killer Case
$94.99 $268.00 65% off List Price
2011 JanKris Crossfire, Paso Robles
2011 JanKris Riatta, Paso Robles
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Horribly I’m on the fence; I used to be right up for a deal like this, but at roughly $9/bottle, I’m suspicious. Anyone have experience of either?

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There was an offer from this winery a few years ago. Horrible. Only wine woot I’ve ever had that we never finished.

Your clan is calling you: http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5833038&pageindex=1&replycount=169

I remember being disappointed as well

great deal here imo. yes, some history with this brand. but this is a price to move offer to be sure.

Just commenting to see what the image attached to my avatar is . . .

What the hell is that?

I’ve gotten a few cases that were so bad, I’m truly gun shy.

Ouch. Come on winedavid! We know you can get us cheap wine, but what makes wine.woot so awesome is that the cheap wine is also really good.

After reading the comments I won’t be in on this one. My wife did guilt me into 3 of the Pedroncelli’s yesterday…after she brought up a Zin for dinner last night. Where am I going to put another 18 bottles of Zin??? Time to start grilling some good steaks I guess. :slight_smile:

I really rely on my fellow wine wooters when I see a possible order for an everyday drinking (under $10) wine. Have to pass based on what I see. Besides, I already have 3 orders in play. Speaking of which, anyone see any movement on the Scott Harvey offering from June 20th. Tracking info says only thing done is information sent to FedEx about 2 weeks ago.

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I also look to the reviews of fellow wooters when buying wine and even though this looks like a decent deal, I will have to pass.

I’m surprised by all the negative comments, I’ve been a fan of JanKris for years and I snapped up a mixed case of these 2 blends, plus a 3rd blend and a straight Cab, a couple of years ago on WineWoot & just finished the last Cab recently and it was fine. I saw this & immediately thought of grabbing it.

If it wasn’t for the mixed reviews and the fact that I have a case on the way already from yesterday, I would likely be in on this. I love Paso wines (and not just because that is where I proposed to my now wife). Alas, with a new house closing in 2 weeks this will be a pass.

I couldn’t remember whether or not I liked this wine. Glad I checked the comments…

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I’m right there with you. My very first Wine.Woot purchase was a 2006 JanKris Mixed 5 pack in 2009, and we LOVED it!


I have 2 cases of California Karma on the way, but I can always leave a few in the box until my wife creates more room in the wine rack. :wink:

Unless their quality has gone way down since then I’m in for 1 possibly 2 cases this time. In regard to the people with bad experiences, how recent was your purchase?