JanKris Mixed Red Case

JanKris Mixed Red Case
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
$94.99 $216.00 56% off List Price
2013 JanKris Riatta Red Wine, Paso Robles
2013 JanKris Merlot, Paso Robles

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Cesare, just curious, is there any reason why you always link to CT Classic instead of their new layout?

Disagree! This is my favorite and is a wonderful one for the price!

I’ve always wondered the same thing. I just figured it had something to do with my iPad.

I’ve wondered the same thing. I get tired of having to edit the “/classic” out of the url to see the page as it’s intended to look.

it’s a matter of preference for him.

I kind of prefer the old CT as well.

I found the riatta at grocery outlet for $5. For those that live near one it’s a good price on a drinkable wine.

Kylee notes from 6/12/2015:

I drank the Riatta last night by itself and then with some spaghetti w/ meat and mushroom tomato sauce.

I knew nothing but the producer and the year. In spite of the history of the label here on woot, the wine was nowhere near undrinkable. It as light- to medium-bodied, leaning towards the light side. I had no idea what the blend was until looking and I’m a but surprised, to be honest. It had a a bit of a Zin character but my guess was a merlot-heavy blend.

The fruit is soft, the finish is light and a bit clipped, and the structure is a bit disjointed. Tannins are barely there but present and he acid seemed a bit sharp compared to the fruit profile, for my palate of course.

I didn’t like this wine much, but it was in no way bad. It’s just pretty boring – the price point, though, is pretty fair. This would compete with $10 grocery store wines well, but it’s far behind the TO Cockamamie blend we saw recently for $10/btl or the SH InZin for $13. (529 views)

I love my Cockamamie any Scott Harvey Zinfandel is a no brainier auto buy!

Stop the presses! MdS agrees with Cortot20!

The new CT is fine at times, but the Classic view works better for me.

And I saw 2 JanKris wines at my local Grocery Outlet as well, around the same price as cortot. But again, it was only 2, not the full set offered here.

Um, you could just click on the “>> Use the New Cellartracker <<” at the top of the page instead.

The cab and Syrah were priced at $7 so if they have the Merlot it would probably follow suit.

i am confused. i’ve read nothing here to get me to buy this so why are some people buying at this price? wasn’t there a recent red case buy where the price went down $20 from a not so distant woot? seems like this would make a great price-reduction deal, but not at the current 8.48/bottle. pass (for now).

found it - Pavi Wines Napa Valley Dolcetto Vertical Case, was 95 now $74.99 $324.00 77% off List Price.

+1 on the Classic view and LMAO at those who are inconvenienced by Cesare’s posts.

I guess I could start posting both links.

No one said they were inconvenienced. It was just an honest question.

Why? All they need to do is click on the >> Use New Cellartracker << Link at the top.

Yes, somebody did. Not you, you just opened the worm can.

You’re probably referring to MarkL who said “I get tired of having to edit the “/classic” out of the url to see the page as it’s intended to look.”

I can see how you might map that into him saying it was an inconvenience, but it’d take a fairly negative perception for me to reach that conclusion. His post didn’t come across that way to me, and I still don’t believe anyone said they were inconvenienced by it.

In all honesty, I had never noticed that link at the top. It does make it much easier to switch. Perhaps as more of a late-comer to looking at Cellartracker, I find I prefer the current layout over the classic. Overall, I appreciate the information that Cesare provides, and thank him for it.