JanKris Paso Robles Trio



Doggone woot, that’s 3 weeks in a row with nothing I want or need. That’s really odd. Maybe it’s just me. My cellar runneth over these days. The Riatta sounds the most interesting to my palate though.


ReverendChile — bless you!


not only are these 3 wines i’ve never tried before, they’re not too expensive. damn.

i’ll try to hold out but will probably cave by …uhhh…tomorrow.


Did he sneeze? Or does the first wooter need to be absolved of some sin?


Hrm, I would guess several of these will be coming my way by the end of the week. I’ll wait until the ferreteers of wine.woot.com come up with some reviews & commentary.
I found this on the 2003 (not 2004) Crossfire @ winespectator.com:
“The Syrah shows through in this blend. Tangy and ripe, with pomegranate, plum and black cherry flavors. Lively structure lingers, with cedary, coffee-tinged oak. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Drink now through 2008. 4,000 cases made. Wine Spectator Rating: 84”*

I’ve never been much of a fan of ‘blended’ wines, but I’ve had a few that were really quite good.


Interesting wine region.

I did some tasting two summers ago and was impressed by the quality of some of the wines. Only problem is the consistancy of the reds. A couple of are excellent, while many tend to be too expensive to warrent the price. Paso Robles, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara are all getting too big for their britches. They act like Napa in price and tasting room fees, but no quality.

Neat blends however. I might wait this one out and read some reviews. 2004 is supposed to be a great year up here, but I don’t know about Paso Robles.


These blends DO sound tempting. My wife, however, will raise hell if I purchase any more red - I think that a Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Muscat, or a champagne trio would be an appropriate offering for next week… I’m sure that by Saturday, I’ll sneak a purchase, just like last week, and all the weeks before…

But, for the sanctity of marriage, some whites! Or even a rose`!


I am a red wine lover and have visited this region (Paso Robles) and this winery (JanKris) several times. They offer a very nice lunch out on the patio and their cute dog, Belle, was great company for my kids. This is a wonderful woot! I love the Crossfire! I have several bottles of it and its equally wonderful cousin, the Riatta, in my collection right now. I haven’t tried the third but I’m sure it will be equally as delicious. They are very drinkable wines, that can be paired with just about any dinner (you won’t need to save them for a heavy Italian or steak dinner).

Buy these; you’ll be glad you did.


Detailed Review (Even though the Cab isn’t listed individually, it comprises a fair % of each of these wines, so I thought it would be relevant…)
2004 JanKris Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles - 89

I guess I’d like to hear the winery chime in to discuss how this wine will compare with the previous years…


I’m trying to find out if this is a deal or not, $17 for these wines on their website. wine-searcher comes up with most JanKris wine being around $10, same on cellartracker.

what might get me to buy a lot or 2 is they seem to be rare and hard to find. other than that it looks like a 5% off deal?


For the guys out there, the 2 ladies the winery is named after are rather pretty.

if that helps! :slight_smile:


Squint and you might believe they’re Tiffany Amber Thiessen (90210) and Carrie Byron (Mythbusters). :smiley:


hmmm. looks like an interesting trio. i found some free reviews on tastings.com for some different years, all scoring in the mid 80s. as another poster stated they are listed at about 10$ or so with the highest being 15$. i need some more info before i woot i think.


I’m really excited about these wines. I love the Paso Robles area for reds, but, with the exception of the largest vineyards, wines from that region are rare finds in my area (NY). I’m hoping a can receive my three before the week is out, try onea , and maybe place another order if I like it.


They have won some awards on this wine

2004 Picaro
Silver, Grand Harvest
Silver, Orange County Fair

They also won on some other 2004
2004 Cabernet Savignon
Silver, Hilton Head

2004 Zinfandel, Tres Ranchos
Silver, SF Chronicle


Well each area is known for a different type of grape. Like Napa great Cabs! Santa Ynez Valley more Pino area while Paso has the Zins for the most part… Prices have gone up in Paso and Santa Ynez Valley area but they are still way more in Napa!


these wines sell for 10 11 and 10 dollars respectively. not a good deal.


where do they sell for this much? is it difficult to get them at a store somewhere?


I love trying new wines, so a couple extra bucks to get wine sent out here to the DC area is well worth it. Curse Maryland for having a “constitutional” wine shipment ban (no shipping by in or out-of-state wineries). I have to get my wine shipped to my friend’s bar in Arlington, and hope that none of his employees sample the merchandise first…