JanKris Winery Chardonnay Case



JanKris Winery 2008 Chardonnay Case
$89.99 (Normally $227.40) 60% off List Price
2008 JanKris Chardonnay
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Everything we’ve purchased from JanKris has been phenomenal…I can’t imagine this will be anything less. Truly great wines…consistently top-notch.


Any info on the kind and degree of oak treatment for this chard? Extent of MLF?


I am relatively new to wine.woot, and I have question unrelated to this specific deal. How often do Moscatos come around on woot, I have been watching and don’t believe I have seen one yet.


Not often.




a lotta whites lateley, thanks woot, need to save some $$


You know, I understand there was a bad lot or something some time ago, but the red we got a couple weeks ago is some tasty stuff.

That said, I’d also like to know about the extent of MLF on this one before jumping


Thirds on the MLF info, please. Not knowing that is a deal-killer.

And also, the description says some was stainless fermentation and some was barrel with extended lees contact. It would be nice to know the oak AND the % of stainless to BF.


So phenomenal that JanKris was sold in BigLots for $4 for years…and only one of the 3 reds I had was even average.


different strokes for different folks



Sounds like I am in the serious minority. Had the JanKris Sauvignon Blanc and thought for the price it was a pretty good value. Tempted to go in on this but sure wish someone who had tasted it would chime in.


Absolutely! Part of the fun of tasting lots of different wines.


Cracking me up today Mother.


Can someone explain what a “bad palate” is? A palate other than yours? Most anything relating to the senses is entirely subjective, so a bad palate is complete nonsense.

Not sure if trolling or just pretentiously douchey.


Does anyone have any tasting notes??


Those are not remotely contradictory things :slight_smile:

And BTW you can have a “bad palate” if you can’t taste/smell well, but let’s call my meme an inside joke for anyone who has been around here for a few years :slight_smile: