JanKris Winery Random Reds (6)

(3) - JanKris Red Wine (from the vintages above), Random Selection, 750ml
So, does this suggest the additional three will be a mix of the stated three, or perhaps other bottles from the same two vintages?

JanKris Winery Random Red Wine 6-Pack
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
$49.99 $132.00 62% off List Price
(1) - 2014 JanKris Crossfire, Paso Robles
(1) - 2014 JanKris Riatta Red Wine, Paso Robles
(1) - 2015 JanKris Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
(3) - JanKris Red Wine (from the vintages above), Random Selection

If you live near a grocery outlet and are curious these sell for about $5 a piece.

This label was offered on woot in 2009 when the winery was changing ownership and I remember them being quite good. It appears the label recently changed hands again. Seems I bought 15 bottles from two offers.

It will be a mix of the stated three.

Interesting…Veris purchased the JanKris property and wines, and then Castoro bought Veris. We are Castoro members and I haven’t seen/heard anything about them bringing back the JanKris label (they make quite a variety of wines themselves, most of which are really good.)

We always liked the Crossfire, in particular, and the Riatta, so maybe Castoro wanted to bring back these particular blends under these names and went along with the JanKris moniker?

Anyway, we’re gonna give 'em a try.

Yup, Crossfire and the PS at the local GO.