JanSport Backpacks

I have this pack (the 68L), and I like it. I got mine a few years ago, and nearly all aspects are the same still, except for the color. Oh the color… What were they thinking with this brown yellow monstrosity?

Anyway, pack is comfy, adjustable, lightish weight, and has all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect. The water bottle holders are at a perfect angle to get water out and put it back while on the go. The grid-fit system is legit. The compression straps may be used to strap your trekking poles, fishing pole, or an avy shovel onto the pack (I’ve had all three). The top “hat” compartment may be left at home to save weight, VERY nice!

I do wish the torso length was another inch longer, and I wish it had a little accessory pocket on the shoulder straps/hip belt, but those are not deal breakers. The only other complaint is that the rear facing verticle pocket can be difficult to load/close when the main compartment is full.

If mine wasn’t in pristine shape still (it’s tough for sure), I’d think about another one… then I’d dye it a different color. :slight_smile:

What’s “torso fit” mean? Surely it’s not for people with 18" waists, right?

Does this page from REI help?

Are they still made in the USA?
My old Jansport backpack was US made, though it’s 30+ yrs old. Still works great, though…

Good enough, thanks.

Love JanSport! When my twenty year old backpack started suffering from “zipper disease” I sent it back to the company and they replaced the zippers for free. The lifetime warranty works!