Jansport Big Bear 63 Backpack



here’s a few good reviews (4.3.out of 5.0) over at sunnysports.com



I don’t own this pack but I know Jansport has a rock solid repair/return policy. They’ve been fairly generous in the past with repairs, sometimes just sending out a new pack instead of returning a repaired one.


I’ve owned Jansport schoolbags…when I was in school…of course that was 12 or more years ago when I’d owned them. They never stood up to the abuse back then.

So how is their reputation as far as their professional bags? This seems way too cheap for something over 50 liters. Will this be a ‘get what you pay for’ experience?


Hi, quickly
Tonight $49.99 for reference

other reviews

Not seen on their website, but FAQ’s may be worthwhile:
Warranty: http://www.jansport.com/js_faq.php?type=warranty
Hiking/Backpacking: http://www.jansport.com/js_faq.php?type=hiking
General: http://www.jansport.com/js_faq.php?type=general


Great price. It’s 99.99 over at ebags.com http://www.ebags.com/product/jansport/big-bear-63/209030?productid=10122719


Here’s a very detailed review from a 2010 market report: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/jansport_big_bear_63.html#.USnIeeicCFw


I have had the larger version of this, the 82, for a couple of years and I love it. It performs every bit as well as the packs my buddies have spent two to four times as much on. I beat the heck out of it and have never had a tear or ripped seam or issue of any sort. In fact, I’d consider buying this one for overnight hikes, but the weight difference between the bags is negligible.


YOU, my friend, just cost me $50.00. Great reply, and I am in for one now based on a “real life and current” review.


It’s pretty small right? 13" - 16" torso range. I bought a Kelty on here before that was 14.5-18.5" torso range, and it feels too small for me. I’m 6’1" btw.


Will suffice for one or two treks. If like to use same bag for many years, recommend Kelty or Sierra.

Was gifted similar model. Used for a three day x/c across SW desert, and the bag had started to separate by end of trip. Have to admit that bag was probably over design limit (approx 75lbs). The nephew uses what remains for school, so still ok as day pack.


Bought it. Hoping this is going to be useful for my trip around with, not gonna use it to hike or camp.


How does this fit women?


Yes, it’s small. I’m 6’5 and have a 21-22" torso. This bag is only 13-15 according to REI. Bummer too, I’m in the market for a smaller, lightweight backpack.


Woot!: I am enjoying the round of backpacking backpacks you are offering. Please continue to do so until I can claim one that will fit me! (Torso is 19 inches, not even going to try this particular bag…) If you can get your hands on some more Sierra Designs or other quality 50L+ that would be great!


i’m a tiny woman, 5’0" and <100lbs and i was able to adjust this pack to fit perfectly.