JanSport Katahdin 50L Backpack

**Item: **JanSport Katahdin 50L Backpack
Price: $49.99
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This guy likes it

Here is the product page

A single perfect review over at ebags.com

As always, be sure to check your torso length (which has almost nothing to do with how tall you are):

To be sure, I’m a 5’11" guy with a large torso, and I know some 6’+ guys with a medium torso. Check your measurements.

Personally, it looks like a decent pack for a single overnight short hike trip. I wouldn’t want to spend more than a couple hours on the trail with this pack since the belt padding looks incredibly basic. With all the weight of your pack going onto your waist, you want more padding than that if you’re going to put 5+ miles on the trail in a day.

Any confirmation on if this pack does indeed have a zippered sleeping bag compartment? I see that the lash straps in the video review are not included in this older model being sold. I want to make sure the specifications are correct on the sleeping bag compartment, as it doesnt look like this pack has it based on the stock photos.

Good morning. Our wonderful buyer saw your question and responds:

From the manufacturer “The sleeping bag compartment is zippered and can’t be seen as it’s on the inside of the pack”.

Now, feel free to tell Mickey thank you and wave hi. He’s always happy to find answers for you guys. Y’all are lucky to have him!

Unfortunately, the one that he’s reviewing seems like a newer model. I can’t seem to find any reviews on this exact model/year pack.

Can someone please confirm if this has the adjustable suspension, like the newest model Katahdin 50 has? This would be a huge selling factor for me, and probably for many others.


Any idea how suitable this pack is for air travel? The dimensions place it as just a bit too long (largest dimension: 29.5") to qualify as a carry on, but I imagine you could squish down that extra couple inches easily enough.

Also, comfortable at all to wear while biking? Thinking along the lines of long mountain biking trips.

Unfortunately, it does not.

Thanks for confirming that for me.