January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


I got mine yesterday but couldn’t upload it till now.
Here’s what I got:
1 My Pillow
1 NFL Fan Face (Colts)
1 Soccer shirt size AL
1 woot! T shirt size kids 12
1 led headlamp
1 Le Cordon Blue 9.5x6.15x1.9" baking dish
1 poop squishy
1 foldable hair brush
1 BAG O’ CRAP bag


Possibly a LED lighting strip. Do you have a close-up?


My BOC came yesterday!

-Woot! poop emoji stress ball
-Woot! BOC bag
-DishWish apron, nice apron, label is in Hebrew comes with matching dishtowel
-plain fabric bag just waiting for some decoration
-Motorola VGA adapter (these arn't gone yet?)
-package of Graham Handsdown Ultra Poly-backed Nail Towels
-stickr banner kit
-Tangchu filigree fondant mold for making fancy cakes 
-case for Sony Xperian phone Purple sides and tire tred back, thankfully I don't have this phone!
-yellow WOOT tshirt kids 6 (my brand new great nephew can grow into it)
-handwarmer packet
-Naked Face makeup remover pad (this is very soft)


The View Master game went As I SHOULD have expected - disappointing! You need VR glasses to play -we tried without them - but didn’t go so great. It would probably be fun to try with them…maybe I’ll get them in my next BOC???


All mine:
A real Woot bag, not paper - Yay
Woot poop
Batman watch
2 key chains - My door is always open which is why I have to fix it. Maybe TT’s?
Vera Bradley fabric journal
Box of 12 small binder clips, I just put them on my shopping list, Woot knows all
Laser presentation remote
Breyer dressage rider doll
Irwin circular saw blade (husband grabbed it)
Navy T-shirt w/dinosaur - Reach for the stars, can’t figure out the size
Intex pool float
Cleat adapter !?!?
3-way shower head - this may be installed after some Googling
Dodgers dog bandana
Tigers pebble grain feel case
San Francisco pebble grain feel case
San Francisco reading glasses
Houston football bracelet
Green Bay sports utility gloves
Cleveland Browns shell mesh wallet

Do you think they’re ever going to run out of sports stuff? Wouldn’t mind it if they had some Bengals.
Overall - not quite as disappointed as I’m supposed to be.


Not mine. But now yours. Not sure when we will run out of sports stuff. LOL.


Crap arrived Friday, just getting around to posting!

Here’s the haul

  • Woot shopping bag
  • Woot squishy poo
  • Silver foil wine gift bag
  • Batman watch (going to the next door neighbor school teacher for their incentive store)
  • Teresa pen. Literally a pen with Teresa’s name on it. Wish I knew a Teresa!
  • Red metal miniature bicycle. Wheels don’t roll but one of our neighbors wants it.
  • Penguin socks. These are too small for my wife but she seems to want them for some reason.
  • Yellow ball on a spring post box arrival indicator. I figure this would scare the crap out of the postman.
  • Sink aerator adapter
  • Mini fan you hook up to your phone in the charging port. Seriously? :rofl:
  • ATM necklace
  • Plastic pink beads (went to the teacher)
  • Snowman silk ribbon
  • Fishing Lure
  • Grow capsules (went to the teacher)
  • I Love American Staffordshire Terriers set of 4 coasters (may gift these to our next door neighbors, they have 2 that drive our dog nuts. They ignore her. Our dog is a punk)
  • Dr. Who Tshirt kids size (went to teacher)
  • and a garden statue, kid holding a bird looking all mossy and shit. A neighbor wanted this for her garden.

We got a lot of stuff for other people. I think we kept the poo (wife) and socks (wife), the rest, gave to neighbors who were excited to take it off our hands!

Woot, you outdid yourself this round! Disappointment abounds. Thanks!


My Bottle of Carp arrived Fri, But this weekend was a busy one, so I’m only just now posting.

The lootage, as shown off by Morgan (who is sad he got no new friends)

1 Bag
1 red pinstriped men’s dress shirt in M, sticker claims $58, doesn’t look bad so maybe I’ll see how it looks on me. Otherwise possibly a bro?

1 tee in nowhere near my size (S)
1 Broncos bracelet, up for tradesies or claimsies (actually is fairly nice)
1 Bling baseball keychain (nef?)
1 orange…thing, anyone want?
1 Side by Side Cabinet Lock (actually, it’s a 2-pack)
1 Polka-dot bowtie for dogs, which I think I’ll give to my coworker
1 set of (I think) stickers of beachballs and sunglasses
1 Batman watch (younger nef b’day!)
1 Mini Zen Garden (mine–looks fun)
1 yellow small-crap-holding tray
1 squishy poo
1 package of 1/4" Shad Darts 3-pack–anyone fish?
1 phone pop socket “Be your own kind beautiful”
1 babesball id holder (older nef again?)
1 selfie clip that’s a wide angle lens for your phone (keeping!)
1 3-piece filter set 58mm, which seems to my memory should fit one of my lenses…maybe?..

1 Into the Labyrinth ViewMaster vr thing. This is very much NOT something that works with my old ViewMaster viewer, which made 3-d using two of the almost-same image. Wondering if this’ll work with my friend’s vr thing. I’m willing to try, it does look interesting.

1 Bi-Folding Door top pivot pin–anyone? anyone? Buehler?
1 Metallic collection curtain panel. This I very much like, but I need another one. Did anyone get one of these in (per the description under the UPC code) “Ritz Metallic Printed Faux Linen Grommet Panel - Blue” and is willing to tradesies or just send?

I got a crapload of crap in this box! But I’m sure Mums would’ve made disparaging comments on all of it (well, except the curtain, 'til she learned there’s only one and we need two) and would’ve ended with “I wouldn’t give a dollar for the box.”
“But Momma, the shirt alone is worth $58!”
“So? Can you wear it? Did you need it?”
“Well, the phone lens will be very helpful taking my pics of sunsets and stuff to send to the tv weathermen.”
“Fine. I’ll give you that. Now take everything downstairs please.”
“Yes Momma.”

Seriously, if anyone has the match for the curtain, I really would like it please. The curtains around the sliding door/windows upstairs has gotten very sun-damaged and torn.

Only disappointment is single curtain when I need two. Oh, and that the nice bracelet isn’t Chiefs but rather our mortal enemy. Sorry TT.




This was one of our hottest sellers a year ago Christmas. Second only to the head massager thingie. Those we couldn’t keep in stock (so of course this year we sold one.) Dunno why the fans were big. But they were. At least it’s not as pointless as Squishy YumYums.



I got NO sports stuff, which is a good sign, but doesn’t really mean anything, since I did get a Motorola VGA adapter. The biggest waste of space was the manicure towels.



Turn it into a tote? Alas, I can’t find my old post where I did a no-sew method.

(Also I still need to post my box from both here and another site. My cats have been moody for weeks now.)


Ooh, I hope you have fun with it. VR viewers are one of those things you can get really cheap sometimes. Mine came free from Kia.


My January Woot-Off crap.

Woot Monkey - He’s got a freckle!
3D light - The excitment lasted until I saw the insert. Kid 1 couldn’t stop laughing.
Minerva McGonagall Hat - added to the Halloween decorations
RC parts - I dont think Goodwill would even accept this.
BoC Bag - Surprisingly I do not already have this one.
Plastic Water Bottle - meh.
Wide Angle Selfie lens - claimed by kid 2.
Broncos shirt - garage sale
Woot pen - this one will get left on the conference table.
2x Motorola VGA adapters - trash
Tie-dye Peace Sign T-shirt - not cool enough for kid 1 or 2.

And last, the item that kid 1 was incredible excited for.

DIY Neon Light

Now, my girls do not know the whole disappointment aspect of the BoC. They love opening them with me, but could care less about what they dont care about, and are happy when there’s something they like.

Thank you, Woot!, for finally teaching kid 1 the true meaning of disappointment…

I see several other people got the neon light too, and DIY’d somethign for the picture. Perhaps I should have let her waste a bunch of time designing her first sign before I let her turn it on.

Turn up the volume


Some nice stuff, some disappointment, but these BOCs are always fun. Here’s the list:

Green woot! bag
Sticker banner
Over-door hook
Drink bottle agitators (10)
Mouth guard
Napkin holder
Motorola VGA adapter - obligatory useless item
2 different collapsible backpacks - These are actually pretty good.
Paper towel holder
woot! pen for meetings - Will take to next department meeting.
Steamer tray
amazon T-shirt - Size Large, for large elf maybe.


I got 2 Motorola VGA adapters.


My stuff came!

Is that a new Woot monkey? It looks like a new Woot monkey! I like it!
I got a fancy Woot pen too!

Most useful thing: a pair of Yaktrax in my size! It gets icy here- I’ll try them out next time we have freezing rain.

long sleeved t-shirt
soccer shirt
light-up safety band
puppy toothbrush holder (cute!)
Seminoles dog collar
cupcake spoons with stamper to decorate them?
folding brush/mirror
Elf book
Dock line
mini measuring tape
2 Motorola VGA adapters

Wow, there was some good stuff in there! Thanks!


Did I really win a B.O.C.?!
2 days ago I played the digital monkey game on my phone, swinging my arms around trying to get monkey to jump up and over and grab damn banana’s, and I won a B.O.C.
WTF!? I didn’t even know that was a option! Trying for years and years to become one of the disappointed elite that snags a B.O.C, I get mine and wasn’t even trying! I feel like I was robbed of the whole winning a B.O.C. experience. What a let down…:disappointed:
Do I dare hope my B.O.C. will be totally crappy? Or will I get robbed of that too…

to be cont…


I want to reassure you that it will be completely awful but they are pretty dang good these days. Not to say there aren’t oddball ones that are completely terrible, so there’s still a chance!

Congrats on your very first crap. May the disappointment be ever in your favor.


Well, at least I got one of my packages from UPS. Stupid signature rules.

  • Red Woot Monkey - Does not scream. CRAP!
  • Lunch/Bento Containers - Wife likes them
  • Yellow hair clip with bow - 4yo daughter claimed
  • Woot Poop - 4yo twins currently fighting over
  • Selfie Wide Angle Camera Lens - Tried it out. CRAP!
  • Red Yoga Mat/Duffle Bag - Maybe I should get back into yoga
  • Orange Travel Brush/Mirror - Thinking about cutting my long hair… kids will use this
  • Denver Broncos Bedazzled Shirt - Tag says $36. Size: Medium. Will try to flip.
  • 2 x Motorola VGA Adapter - This would have been useful about 5 years ago…
  • Green Bag of Crap - Yay
  • Steeler’s Wallet/Phone Case for iPhone 6/6s - Yay Steelers but I’m an Android user…
  • "The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Papa" Shirt Size Large - Kids call me daddy and I am no where size large - Gift for brother in law?
  • Steeler’s Zip up SCORE! Tag says $62! NICE! Size: Small - CRAP!

So much excitement and so much disappointment. Thanks, woot.


Pull the tab under his cap?