January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Sweet! This is so cool! CONGRATS!


You just made me realize I better tell my friend to bring it when he comes to visit!



@ ThunderThighs
Is there a new red Woot monkey?


  • Green bag
  • Bath rug
  • Dish Wish kitchen apron
  • Standard hex key set
  • Collapsible drinking cup
  • Pink Woot shirt, kids, size 10
  • Woot crap toy
  • 3 micro USB to VGA adapters - I wish I could figure out how to make these work with my phone…I think they were designed specifically for (older) Razrs, though

Thanks Woot!


My crap box came in today! Also, stray cats are not good for taking pictures.

1 - Green woot bag.
2 - Water containers
1 - jar with assorted red buttons! They’re all red and different shapes!
1 - Over the door clothing hook (It doesn’t fit any of my doors)
1 - Phone pop thing holder
1 - Spool of fishing line
1 - Silicone Jar opener
1 - SF Giants necklace (Go Frisco Gigantes!)
1 - Woot pen with pull out banner “Why are we here?” and “Is this meeting over?”
1 - pack of 10 plastic folders??
1 - XL Clemson State Polo shirt
1 - Pair of baby shoes (I’m gonna have to hard pass on this hint to have another baby Woot!)
1 - Medium size I love the 80’s T-Shirt for my daughter!
2 - black plastic cups or something
0 - Texas air.

Thanks woot for the crap you couldn’t sell!


A baby Woot? Would that be called a Wootlet or another sub-Woot like Shirt.Woot or Computers.Woot?

That’s totally what you meant, right? :wink:


Another wooter!


Oooooo, I did not. Will have to try when I get home. It’s been a while since I got a monkey…


The tag on this monkey had a 2018 date on it.



So I’ve gotten a few BOCs in the past and have been thoroughly disappointed each time. But I keep coming back because apparently I’m an idiot. Over the weekend, I snagged one via the app. It seems that normally they are around 6 LBS, shipped via UPS SurePost. My latest order is scheduled to arrive on Thursday via UPS Ground at a whopping 16.90 LBS. Alright, Woot Machine. I know heavy crap is still crap, but color me intrigued…


Exciting! CONGRATS!!


Yep. They’re the ones we’ve been selling recently. I released some to BOC. :slight_smile:


I missed a monkey sale? That’s so unlike me.


They were on sale quite a few times since February. LOL


1 - Woot Bag
1 - Woot Pen
1 - Smile Emoji Push Light
1 - Dissolaveable Labels
1 - Popockets Phone Grip
1 - La Linen Fabric Cover (For a table?)
1 - Stickr Banner Kit
1 - How To Catch An Elf Book (I am Jewish)
1 - Blue Demon Welding Electrodes (For the welder that I don’t have and wouldn’t know how to use)
1 - Teen Beach Movie McKenzie Halloween Costume (For the child that I don’t have)
1 - BBQ Grill Wire Brush (For the BBQ Grill that I don’t have)
1 - Women’s 49ers Jersey (For the wife/girlfriend that I don’t have)
1 - Women’s Giants Jersey (For the wife/girlfriend that I don’t have)
1 - Women’s Ravens Hoodie (For the wife/girlfriend that I don’t have)

Thanks Woot for reminding me that I am an unskilled, BBQ-less Jew with no wife or children!


Thanks! I do have that one (Super Woot), and also bought the Bacon & Eggs monkey at the same time.
Also want to thank mtn3pitt for the information, and sammydog01 for the picture. I love Woot monkeys!
:heart: :monkey:


ROFL. You’re welcome?


I received my hefty, almost 8 lbs., BOC today as promised. I was also very disappointed, as promised! Hope this makes you happy TT.

Here is everything that I received:
Woot Canvas Bag
Woot Monkey
Woot Pen
NHL Penguins Lunch Bag
Women’s Large NY Giants Long Sleeve Shirt
Men’s XL Black “17” T-Shirt
Impress Folding Brush with Mirror
2 - Motorola VGA Travel Adapters
I Do 3D Go! Vertical Toy
12 Mead Graph Paper Notebooks
Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser
DC Comics Original Batman Watch
Premium Leader Billfisher - Fishing Line 100 yds. 1.00mm 100 lb. test
Mepps Aglia Fishing Lure
Jayhawks Size Large 1" x 4’ Football Leather Leash


So mtn3pitt, peaceetc and Narfcake - is it that you like what I got or the fact that I am disappointed?