January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!




It looks more like just a standard wire brush used to clean the steel in preparation of welding.





We were very disappointed to receive our BOC Saturday! So we opened it right away to discover the disappointment inside. Here’s what we got:

1 Reusable BOC bag (Yay!)
1 new roll of athletic tape (Kids, sports, future use?)
1 new switchblade of some sort - very dull (kids interested, but need to consult with husband)
1 single drawer pull (will donate)
1 new pink 7? lb weight (I will pump…me up!)
1 new fishing lure (will see if husband wants)
1 pair of new readers with a sports team ( will give away or donate)
1 new inflatable torch (kids claimed, but had a hole in it, so fixed with tape!)
12 expanding foam farm animals (kids claimed to become cat toys!)
1 Woot poo squishie! (Yay!)
1 pair of women’s cat socks (How did you know I like cats??)
1 switch (Not sure what to do with this yet)
1 new Batman watch (Kids sort of interested, but looks like adult watch)
2 new wallets with sports teams we don’t follow (give away?)
1 pack of headlight lamps (Will they work for what we have??)
1 small shirt with a building on it (older son can wear)
And the top disappointment? 1 new plant holder, mini bird bath, garden decoration, key holder?? (Will probably call it a garden decoration and put it out this summer)
It was in its own box within the box!

So, more disappointment again Woot! Thanks for everything and until next time!





Greetings fellow wooters! My latest crap has arrived. It weighed in at just under 7 lbs with a decent mix of sort of OK and crap. Here it is…

  • germ guardian Pluggable UV-C air sanitizer & deodorizer, BONUS 2 PACK!
  • Tribe Provisions HydeTech 34oz insulated water bottle, orange
  • Paladone wide angle phone lens selfie clip
  • 100 yards (91.44 meters) of pink yarn
  • 2x Motorola VGA travel adapters
  • Liberty 40mm bar knob with stop, stainless steel
  • Maxon’s pocket tool, black grey, in trade wallet
  • Popsocket, b&w american flag design
  • Paladone Batman watch with silicone wrist strap
  • Ivy Classic 1/8" brad point high-speed chrome vanadium steel drill bit
  • Old Turkey, Thanksgiving leftovers t-shirt, 2XL
  • Washington Redskins t-shirt, women’s M
  • Woot! BoC green bag
  • Woot! pen
  • Woot! monkey, red cape Super Woot! variety

Thanks Woot!


Thanks Woot, the grandkids will be very excited:

Roominate Zoey’s Pet Vet Van (missing the box, but all the parts are there)
two NFL bracelets
Batman watch
Chicago Bears football jersey (size l)
one robot t-shirt (size l)
KT Tape
Speedlite Square Layout Tool
Viewmaster Virtual Reality Into the Labyrinth Game Pack
Woot bag of crap
Foldable hair brush
Woot pen


It has been a long time since I have been able to grab a bag of crap.
1-Vertical draw
1-LAND heart monitor
1-Woot Bag
1-Woot pen
1-Motorola VGA connector.
2-Pairs of fingertip-less gloves
1-Door Stop
1-Car lighter extender
1-Woman’s amazon XL T-shirt
1-Over the door hanger
1-Spary bottle
1-pack of rubber rings


Is that the red shirt you’re describing? If so, I believe it is Deadpool and not a robot.


Uh, TT, you DO know that it’s still only January, yes?



You guys all seem a little happy about your crap, maybe some of you have a little disappointment. Let me spread some more disappointment for you…

My BOC has been bouncing around me within 15 minutes of it’s soon-to-be home for a fifth day now. Why didn’t I just go pick it up, you ask? I’ve had the flu-A for exactly the same amount of time. Coincidence?

a little of :unamused:, a little of :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, and a little of :cry:


I was going to say ‘that was a year ago’ haha What do you mean ‘quite a few times since Feb’ haha


“Wootster Two-ster”?


That might fit me! Nice! but not a Steelers fan - CRAP!

haha I’m always getting 2XL or 3XL sizes in my boxes, we shall see what I get whenever the delivery man/girl/puppy/monkey/baby drops off my LITERAL CRAP… XD


Hope you are feeling better!


Ehh, not completely. Been four days, but I’m back to work now. Better than I was for sure. Thanks for the good wishes, appreciate it!


I think people’s mis-descriptions of their BOC is of the most humorous part of them! We don’t even know! haha


First off, thanks to woot for letting me be part of this experience again.

There was A LOT of stuff in my box this time. Some useful. Some dupes. All appreciated.

Bag o’ Crap j32j21ou3

Shipping info:
Est. Del.: 01/29
Weight: 3 lbs

0 x texas air
1 x green bag
1 x red caped woot monkey
1 x green woot pen
1 x woot decision maker
1 x sky strip bow tie collar accessory
1 x m - in tents and porpoises shirt
1 x silk lantern mantles pack
1 x p-line tuna-ripper
1 x m - broncos shirt
1 x 7 pack bento lunch boxes
1 x wedding makeup bag
1 x selfie clip
1 x tablecloth
1 x 5 pack john weitz socks
2 x motorola vga travel adapter


My Bag of disappointment has finally arrived!

It was brought to me by my wife with the attitude of ‘Did you buy something else from Woot? It isn’t one of those collections of junk, is it?’

I replied, ‘what can I say, yes, it was a B O C!’

Please don’t be upset at me, remember those Knives I got you?

When she opened the box which contained the Cuisinart Knives, she said, "OOH, Nice Knives!" I meekly agreed with her and knew she still would not be happy with my other Woot-off purchase. :disappointed_relieved:

Well here is the contents of the 14 x 10 x 8 box:

2XL Adult Natural circulation T-shirt
XS kids New Orleans Saints long sleeve T-Shirt
L Women’s Pittsburg Penguins T-Shirt
Red cape, screaming monkey, Mortimer’s cousin
Batman watch
Qty 2, into the Labyrinth, mind-bending VR puzzle game
Protective Arm Band
iPhone 6/6S NFL cover
Lighted hunting arrow nock
25 pack of paper drinking straws
Qty 2, Motorola VGA cable assemblies
Pack of holiday napkins
Screw Hook, 5/16 x 4 ½
Knife Cover
Folding hair brush and mirror
Camouflage whistle cover ???
Qty 2, chocolate or soap molds
Green Bay Packers Christmas Tree ornament
2 pocket portfolio
Amazon Basics laptop case
Woot Bag O’Crap Bag

Brown, Stress Relieving squeeze toy looking like a pile of . . . My 3 year old granddaughter asked if she could play with the chocolate ice cream smile thing! Put it on an ice cream cone and it looks good!

All in all, thoroughly disappointed!
Thank you Woot!