January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Wow, you almost completely disappointed me, but some of the stuff is weird enough that you ultimately failed.

I think the floral fitness tracker skin is lovely. The maybe a dishwasher discharge hose thing is very nice. The pocket knife, heat pack, and detachable turnbuckle trend towards actually being useful.

Other items:

  • Toddler 6 Woot! shirt
  • Collapsable drinking cup
  • Hair barrette
  • SF Giants costume jewelry pendant (yeah, really!)
  • Turd emoji stress ball
  • Captain’s hat
  • Princess tiaras
  • Phone case
  • Pirates magnet
  • Beige unlabeled bag IN ADDITION TO THE WOOT! BAG. That’s right, double bagger. SCORE!
  • Some kind of dish drying towel thing with maybe Hebrew writing on it
  • A Motorola to VGA dongle

Only marginally disappointed. Like, yeah, embarrassed that I spent the money but not enough regret to start drinking.


Yes. Actually, I ordered them in February. Got them in June. Started selling them on our birthday last year.

There. That’s the facts.


I took a second look and you’re right. My grandson will be very happy, they loved the film.


A moderate BOC…some very interesting things, and a couple of standards!

The old standards:
How to Catch an Elf book
Woot pen
Bag of Crap shopping bag

The new experiences:
Amazon Athlete tshirt, XL, but is that XL kids? Looks like a women’s really small.
Detroit Tigers decals
Buckeyes license plate
VGA adapter
Over-the-door hook, white
TY Beanie Baby spider
Stick’r banner
3D art–this is really cool! Appears to be drawing with 3D printer-type fluid to make multidimensional art.

And the icing on the cake:
Size 13 royal skis–I mean shoes–very dandy! Fortunately, we have a family member of that size, so we’ll see how that goes over at birthday time…!

Thanks, Woot!



I’m embarrassed to ask but what is the green envelope everyone is so disappointed to not see in their B.O.C.???


It’s a special card that they include inviting you to get even more crap. If you accept, through the instructions they give you, you might get a pallet full !!


A-Ha, I don’t remember what number bag this is for me, but it is sure filled to the brim with… well what did you expect. As for the inventory, here you go:

1 Plate Labeled as alabaster, I don’t know what alabaster is, but I will definitely serve overcooked appetizers on it to houseguests
1 Pack of 12 Foam Vaguely Dinosaur Shaped Objects in Pill Form, luckily I didn’t take them with my vitamins
1 Herschel Wallet
1 Flying Monkey Toy, that my cat will be afraid of
1 Hello Kitty Water Bottle, what are you trying to say about me
1 Foldable Comb with Mirror, I mean really what are you trying to say…
1 Pack of Citriclean Descaling Tablets, For all my scales
1 Pair of Precision Snips, Now You’re talking
3 Knife Covers, I’ll never cut myself again reaching blindly for a knife
1 Obligatory Bag
1 GameCOCK wallet, who really wants to say they’re a fan of the game cocks lol
2 Motorola Micro USB and Mini-HDMI to HDMI Adapters
1 Batman Watch
1 San Fran 49ers shirt will be used to wash my car
1 Shirt Woot Shirt that will fit around my leg
1 set English Cocker Spaniels Coasters, My Cat Will Enjoy urinating on this
1 Whip to compliment my Saturday night bds… I mean Indiana Jones Costume
1 Roll Painting Tape
1 Pack Fishing Bait and lure presumably for catching sharks given their size


Well, well, well… This Episode of BravoOscarCharlie was so exciting that even Sally Solomon was on the edge of her seat:

What had Sally so captivated?

  • 1x Amazon Athletes t-shirt, size XL
    … it says XL, but I think that is XL in Lilliputian!
  • 1x San Francisco 49’ers t-shirt, size XL
  • 1x Texans Football long sleeve shirt, size XL
    … both great for the girlfriend who doesn’t care what her chest says :slight_smile:
  • 1x ComfortTec Shorts from their famous Soccer Collection(?), size AL
    … seriously Woot… who does the sizing on these things!? “AL”? Where is this even a size?
  • 1x Hustle Bustle dice game
    … perfect for those of us who collect games but never actually play them! (no, seriously.)
  • 1x Motorola VGA Adapter
    … OK, now I think you’re just trying to see what I can do with the obscure. Where is the projector that this goes with? If you’re going to give me the adapter, you should also provide the projector, don’t you think?
  • 1x spray bottle
    … I think, in all truthfulness, that this is one of the most useful items I’ve gotten in a Box in a long while!
  • 1x stickr (banner) .
    … hmm… great, now my girlfriend has something else to hang from the rafter for no reason at all!
  • 1x paper towel holder
    … uh huh… you didn’t think I’d know what that was, did you, Woot?
  • 1x Piano Keys Stickers
    … Now all I need is a piano… and a desire to learn to play the piano…
  • 1x Cricut mat
    … I’ve owned my Cricut for almost 10 years and the only thing that I’ve ever made with it was a Legend of Zelda Triforce decal for my pickup. I guess this is as good a reason as any to pull it back out and see what I can do with it before relegating it back to storage for another decade.
  • 1x obligatory Bag
  • 0x Flying Woot Monkeys
  • 0x Letter, once again :sob:

All in all, this is another fine haul you’ve gotten me into, Woot.


My crap arrived on Tuesday. Here it is:

Wait, no, that one has a dog in the way. Darn it. Okay, let’s try this one again:

The list:

  • Woot tote bag, green (I will add it to my collection of approximately 50,000 Woot totes that I sincerely use all the damn time)
  • Woot crap squeezy thing (now I have one for each hand!)
  • “Writing - A Guide for College and Beyond” by Lester Faigley (might be interesting to look through)
  • Vicoo iPad Air Origami Case, red (to be donated)
  • Stickr removable & reusable banner (I’ll give this to my friend)
  • Plain tote bag, oatmeal color (nice)
  • Faux Fur to create stuff for dolls and stuff (no, just no)
  • Popsocket - piano keyboard (I just bought a Popsocket so great timing, Woot!)
  • Motorola VGA travel adapter (because of course)
  • Heat Pack hand warmer (I feel like I should donate this to almost anyone else in the country because it’s actually relatively warm here in Oregon right now)
  • Pet blanket featuring a very large bird (it’s kind of scary how big it is)
  • Lootus Home Fashion thermal cotton curtain panel, 84x52 inch, white (I seem to be collecting random curtain panels from bags of crap these days)

So! No Woot pen again, which is a bummer, but the rest is partly useful and partly silly, which is all I really ask for in a bag of crap. I mean, money would be nice. But short of that… well, I could use a new laptop. And my computer monitor died. So those would be cool. Yep.

Wait, where was I? Oh, good stuff, Woot.


IPad case
Cutting mat
Door stopper
2× fingerless gloves
Sticker banner
Pest repelled
3d pen
49ers shirt
Over the door hook
Woot bag
And woot pen!

Thanks woot for all the “disappointment”


Box o’ Crayons from the last woot-off arrived!!! Filled to the brim with some of the most absolutely craptapulous items I have ever received. To say that I am underwhelmed does a disservice to anyone at any other possible level of whelm. The whole haul…

1x green bag o’ crap bag
1x Michigan state lunch box
1x random christmas gift bag
1x clear iphone 6 case
1x box of scratch and sniff valentine cards… the box was open at the bottom and the cards were everywhere in the package, making everything smell like strawberries.
3x banana protectors
1x sheet of random stickers for teachers
1x star wars ugly christmas sweater t-shirt, size medium
1x poop emoji stress ball
2x micro usb to VGA monitor adapters… for cell phones i think?
1x sliding glass door lock, sliding glass door conspicuously missing
1x flding pocket comb
1x batman watch
3x stackable yellow bins
1x copy of “There was an old lady who swallowed a turkey”
1x roll of blue painters tape
1x auto open/close umbrella
2x silicon wedding bands

Thanks Woot!! As disappointing as this was I’ll be back in 30 days to try for even more disappointment!!


Thank you!


Tell me more about these decals…


Should I be concerned my package hasn’t moved in 50+ hours? :man_shrugging:


I preferred this one. Give him/her a scritch from a 'Kat, please.

Say, you haven’t collected one that matches the one I got, have you? I really would like the second panel 'cause I’d like to replace the ones around the upstairs windows/sliding door which have sun-shredded.

I’ll also trade you phone pop things, since I play piano and you’re def’ “your own kind of beautiful”–you’re lots of kinds of beautiful, peace!



I already converted my Trick or Treating Daleks into a tote. Although being a perfectionist on these kinds of things, I sewed it. With a liner. And fancy handles. And a pocket. Keeping the sleeves 'cause that was cuter plus then everyone can tell it was originally a tee.

I’m thinking I’ll gift it to a niece. Although if she wants, then I’ll tote-ify it. Preferably with a no-sew method if I (or you) can find it.



your tracking notice also should have a USPostalService (USPS) tracking number over on the right side. Looks like the local post office got it from UPS and try tracking via USPS.com with the USPS tracking number. (also, have you checked in the bushes around your front door?)


Aww… solid little set. Woot may have more legos!


(it’s on the Internet, so it MUST be true)