January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Do you have a pic of that bag? I’d love to see it. I have some older shirts that are getting a little small because I’m getting bigger worn . Debating if I want to ship them off to get them made into a quilt or turning them into a bag or something.

As for the no sew, staples work great! /s I have seen some do strips on the edges and then tying them into knots. shrugs


I’ve received two other sets of panels – some tan ones I’m using and some leopard (??) print ones that are very, very thin and also very, very ugly. This is the first panel that’s been by itself.

As for the Popsocket… I’m not sure what I’m doing with that yet. I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


My wonderful bag of crap. Some very bizarre stuff. Thank you!


hooray? my first ever bandolier of carrots. i’m NOT abjectly disappointed, does that mean this is a failure? conundrum. slightly disappointed. hmmm. dilemma.

a king sized sheet.
my very own woot bag (which i love) and pen (ditto).
a chicago bears shirt, size xl
buffalo bills woman’s mccoy t-shirt
nifty wall outlet with usb charging port
two VERY handy heat packs
single shot coffee ‘maker,’ already put into use by hubby
key chain cum tape measure (get your mind out of the gutter. it’s latin.)
some kind of mixing cup for, um, ‘health’ drinks

thank you, woot! i’m somewhat disappointed, and will try again for abject disappointment.


Two boxes of tall kitchen trash bags
Woot Bag
Woot poop-shaped stress ball
Into the Labyrinth game pack
Black XL Woot t-shirt
Remote controlled door lock
NHL Rangers hair scrunchie
Broncos t-shirt
roll of fishing line
USB light/party light
How to catch an elf book
Phone case with a Cougars logo
Plastic squaring tool
batman watch
2 Motorola VGA adapters
Plastic puzzle toy
2 key chains that say “60ish”
Dog tank top that says Oregon
Fold up hairbrush
plastic report folder

And this collection of parts that came in a small plastic bag. Does anyone know what this is?


Oh man. The hoverboard parts were tough. This looks even harder…


They look like missing parts from the mail delivery truck that was supposed to bring my box. But good news! It was finally delivered, and the status still says in transit :man_facepalming: haha.

…wait for it…


One appropriately sized extra small dog harness for my 60 lb cow (1/20th of her weight)

One star themed limp napkin holder (closest to Texas air I got)!

A pest repeller, instructions tell you how to repel… large dogs…?

Two hundred and fifty thousand moules a cuisson, ER I mean… Hornear pasteles, ER wait…no… Pre opened Baking cups! (Only 500, but who needs this many?)

One women’s large (really? Looks like a small at best) official Amazon athlete shirt! And I haven’t even signed my athletic contract yet, score!
Pair of iron pumping hand protectors…that could fit…me :exploding_head: first time for everything I suppose haha

One fruity company phone case

Highly useless phone adapter to an outdated technology… And yes you’re reading that right, says HDMI on it shhhh it’s VGA

A door hook and… Wait… It’s paper packaging too (like suit separates I guess)

I’m just realizing my camera angles are capturing future items before I post them woops

Green lantern themed woot tastic holding device

Baby face cover

A steamer rack?

Coveted woot mightier than the sword - pen

And the prized possession that the girlfriend probably will claim because she’s been bugging me to get a corgi puppy for months…a corgi squishable pillow!

Worth the wait! Thanks woot friends! I’m severely disappointed!



Ahem, yes, so sorry, it appears my caps lock key was unfortunately stuck for a moment. If you would be so kind as to pet your dog on my behalf, I would be most grateful.


finally getting around to posting this
I got
a t shirt
a selfie clip
some stationary
a small batman toy
a weird silicone mold
some scale pacific coast surf miniature stuff (not sure what this is for)
an outlet switch cover
a football phone cover
a batman watch
a military book
a poo
a watermelon tap
a crap bag
a metric wrench
a honeywell filterwootjan


Just holding the harness there she was so excited, like “what did you get me!?”

Sorry pups, your paw is about all that will fit haha


Also, she says hello



Really, I don’t know what’s up with my caps lock key today. And now my exclamation point key is in on it. I think I need a new keyboard.


How I read her expression was more like, “You’re not SERIOUSLY considering putting that on me are you?”

Oh holy parc she gets even cuter!

I second this! Third this! Billion this! Plus flap those ears 'til she moans!



Didn’t you post you also need a new laptop, and monitor?



Ask and thou might receive. In this case, since it’s a fairly easy to grant request, thou shalt indeed receive.

And Pooch modeling it, although this is NOT how I carried it when I went out t’n’t’ing with my nef and his friends!

Hardest part was figuring out how to get the nmad bottom seam to come out with both seams in-between the shirt and the liner. Second hardest was doing the much-denmad iron-on stiffener stuff. But I think the end result was totally worth the hassle.

I’m going to enter it in this year’s county fair. And who knows, maybe even the state fair–I can ship it there this time (Pooch was NOT shippable!)



I just bought a monitor (today’s Woot for the win) so I’m good there. Well, I will be when it gets here. But I spilled chocolate milk on my keyboard so that’s clearly the problem here. Granted, I just did it a few minutes ago and it’s still working, but it’s a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing and all work retroactively. You understand, don’t you?

As for the laptop, I’m not sure I should be trusted with one. I’m not sure I should be trusted with anything breakable, honestly.


Finally have some time to post my BOC

Cricut cutting mats
Hustle Mussel game (never heard of it, after reading the back, now I know why)
pest repeller (too bad it doesn’t work on door-to door pests)
Woot! bag
measuring tape keychain
Woot! pen
some sort of heavy flat pillow, maybe for camping?
2 Motorola vga adapters
kids floam or something like it

Sid (the ‘gray ghost’) and his brother Sam only found the box exciting…for about a minute


Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a cute pupper.

Who knew that bananas needed protecting.

We must try harder next time.

Nope. Note gonna fit.


if my tracking code still says the package wasn’t delivered, does that mean I can get another?! :wink::thinking: