January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Since you’re in the area of the great polar bear vortex, let’s give it a few days to see if it appears. Plus, it’s always lost for a day or two during the hand-off to USPS.



My crap speaks for itself…

…as does Jagger’s disappointment

(had to repost, wife was logged in to post her crap, I forgot to log her out before I posted mine)


Thanks for the crap! Now I have my very own screaming monkey and I can’t wait to play with the DIY Neon Sign.



@oregunpixie gave me hers because she is a true friend and heard me whine the other day about not getting one and felt sorry for me.

She didn’t say that. I might be projecting a wee bit.

So yay! I’m going to try extra hard not to lose this pen because I lose pens. All the pens. But not this pen. I know exactly where it is. For now.


My cats are ticked off that I still haven’t opened my box yet. This was the early January BOC, not the late January BOC.

Step 1: Dump contents.

Step 2: Set the cat trap so I can go on with the contents.

Run Away, Run Away on a neckstretch Anvil (WM). It could have been on a mutant Anvil, so I’m counting this as close to a win as I’m getting.

Some California contraband (aka incandescent bulbs), a single drawer knob, and a doggie bone biscuit cutter. Alas, my doggie has been gone for almost 3 years now. :frowning:

Some stuff bearing Handegg teams. Meh.

Hoof boot covers. That’s something different.

Decals and a kid’s locket playset. Meh.

Workgloves, warning tape, and a tape measure. Usable.

The Woot pen’s message is relevant.

Thanks for the disappointment, Woot!


Hey, TT, it already appeared, dearnerino1 is angling for a “replacement” on the basis of the UPS tracking page not reflecting the delivery. :wink:


I delayed opening it as we’re awaiting my 7 years olds birthday on the 9th, I opened it just to sate curiosity of the other kiddos

Box came in weighing in at slightly over 4 lbs

Here’s a banana for scale, this seems too be the thing you kids today seem to do, no idea why…
(let me know if I’m doing it right)

Here’s the goods

• LED Retrofit kit
• Size 10 - 12 purple jacket
• Blue Tambourine (the 7 year old NEEDED a second one /s)
• Silicone Easy Jar Opener (the wife will appreciate having this, I won’t… I get to flex my nerd muscles and open the jars like a BOSS)
• Bag O Crap Canvas Bag
• iDo3D Vertical Pen - Kids always wanted one of these, this is probably the highlight.
• Composition Notebook - Have 5 kids, always useful.
• Heart eyes emoji press on light, I’m sure this will be a hit with the 7 year old.
• Woot pen #2 for me, says “Is this meeting over?” and “Why are we here?” probably use this at work.
• Wussy and the Fervor Limited Edition vinyl, lol, guess I’ll throw this on the turntable and probably sell it on eBay afterwards (I love the emerald green disk look)
• Popsocket, claimed by 18 year old and her old one handed down to the 13 year old.
• Shalom! T-shirt that will fit the 7 year old, she’ll like the happy snowflakes, that’s enough for her.

I’ll be tossing in a potato in the BoC (inside joke) and having her re-open it (re-packed just like when we opened it, without the popsocket) as a joke and (hopefully) filming her “SERIOUSLY??!?! They gave me a potato too?” response.


Well, it wasn’t a lump of coal, and there were some interesting things in this BOC! But so many sports things…

2XL men’s Jaguars jacket
M men’s light blue Galaxy dress shirt
M men’s (or kids?) Seahawks lightweight jerseylike shirt
S red tshirt “Sarcasm is elemental to my being” (this will go to someone!)
NFL earrings
iPhone 5 Orioles case
Wide angle phone lens
One satin nickel knob
Star Wars Rogue One collector card (is this a thing?)
Batman watch (have a friend who will love this)
Yellow nuts-n-bolts bin
Cocker spaniel coasters
Pet Dragon book (this is really nice! Saving for potential future grandchildren)
Language of Flowers coloring book
BOC cloth bag
Plastic/sponge rubber CRAP thing

Well, that’s it! A very interesting collection! Thank you very much, Woot!


Looking forward to this vid!



Hehe! I thought she would notice and see my joke, I’m not as funny as I think I am lol


Here’s my haul. I’m suitably disappointed.

Google Photos

T-shirt with squirrel, womens M
Woot! shopping bag
Woot! monkey with red cape
Fantastic Beasts coloring book
Motorola HDMI cables (2)
Phone case for Samsung G6, Missouri Tigers football
Princess Miesha costume
Stylus pouch
Chocolate mold kit for merry-go-round
Fantastic Beasts coloring book
Woot! poo emoji stress ball
The Fridge coozies, set of 2
Double-walled plastic glass with straw
Folding brush/mirror
English Bulldog stainless steel water bottle
Batman watch


I’m disappointed that there don’t seem to be any letters this time. Did I miss something?


Pretty sure letters now are only given on certain holidays and their birthday. :slight_smile: Plan accordingly, don’t get caught by the 31 day rule!


Finally, I’m posting my crap! Am I the last one for January? You almost disappoint me and I return the favor! Here it is:

  1. Green “Bag O’ Crap” bag
  2. Manual coffee bean grinder (seems kinda nice, so it’s not disappointing)
  3. Bone Bender game (like Twister but with a Halloween theme)
  4. Weird little chihuahua with wings Christmas ornament
  5. 49ers iPhone 6 case
  6. A “roll” of painter’s tape that’s about 1/8 inch tall. What do you paint with this? Is it to create stripes?
  7. Mini Zen Garden kit
  8. Composition book
  9. Children’s book: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey
  10. Selfie Clip to give your phone a wide-angle lens (I’ll give it a shot–heehee)
  11. MacBook Retina case
  12. “Bad Ass” mug
  13. Motorola VGA Travel Adapter (I don’t know what this is or what it does)
  14. Big roll of pink and white plaid fabric ribbon
  15. Children’s Woot shirt–I like it!
  16. And, last but not least, the Woot poop emoji, which I’ll take to work on Monday and throw at people



lol… my Cricut is actually a Cricut Cake modified to function as a standard Cricut. When I got it, I had high and lofty goals… then I didn’t. I could not think of a single functional use for it. My one and only design cut out on that was this Triforce decal:


For a first and only attempt at ever using this machine, I think it came out nice. I did have experience with this type of program combination, though, what with my limited CNC and 3d printer experience. Import the design into the program and the program directs the Cricut in how to cut the pattern out of the vinyl. Easy peasy :slight_smile:


This is my 17lb App crap…
Green woot bag
Barry Gibb In the Now double album
Woot shirt small
Promos hunting bombshell bird call
Oregon trimmerhead
Sports bottle with water filter
Diy Neon light
Der gestiefelte kater cd
red gift bag
Game wear soccer bracelet
3 Tier oven rack
Love to learn Elmo and
Woot poop


Here’s my list of things in my BOC. I’m overwhelmingly disappointed! Can’t wait to do it again!

BOC List

Electrical ¾” conduit offset
1 pkg Cincinnati Bengals gift wrap
UK Wildcats dog leash
Sports themed stickers
1 pkg stickers, gold
CU Buffaloes phone case for Galaxy S5
Squishy Plastic pile of crap
Stitch and the Dragon tee shirt, size S
Navy NAVY sweatshirt, size XXL
HYDETECH thermos bottle, 34oz
DC Comics Batman watch, analog
Vera Bradley magnetic note pad
Mister Twister Fat curly-tail grub fishing lures, pkg of 9, in watermelon red
Selfieclip wide angle smart phone lens
Weathermatic lawn sprinkler pop-up spray head
Fake iArm prank-pack gift box
BOC tote bag, green

Thanks for the disappointment WOOT!


Here’s the crap…

Crappy list of crappy stuff:

  • NobleWorks “greeting” card. {The content is so bad that it is not even appropriate for the internet!}
  • Disposable Margarita glasses {I quickly dispatched these to rid my mind of the prior item.}
  • Woot! Monkey {Maybe I shouldn’t have put him so close to that greeting card. Sorry monkey. :slightly_frowning_face:}
  • Floral fitbit cover
  • Woot! bag
  • Woot! chocolate ice cream squishy
  • Nonfunctional batman watch
  • Crappy baseball team decals
  • Clemson Tigers fanny pack thing {Now a hot wheels pouch.}
  • Giant O themed phone cover
  • Surfer dude popsocket {OK, this is halfway nice.}
  • Horesplay! book {Daughter loves!}
  • Peppa Pig Halloween book {Only 8 more months away.}
  • Really crappy foosball team shirt
  • S Ar Ca Sm shirt {Really nice! Too bad Sister-in-law already stole it!}
  • Little baggie of crap aka baggie of misc. ribbon {Whose genius idea was this?!?}
  • Fishing lures
  • Wireless AirBuds {I’m going to test these out watching all 14 of the hit classic Air Bud movies!}
  • Useless Adapter
  • #SelfieClip

It was a disappointing time had by all. Thanks Woot for making my kids cry!

Well, as promised I tried watching Air Bud with my nifty new AirBuds.
Air Bud still stinks but AirBuds rock! Now only 13 more Air Buds to go. Heeelp me!


Ugh - so sorry TT, I guess I’m giving disappointment back with the lateness of my reply from the January Woot Off.

Here’s the goods:

Green woot bag
Macroeconomics book
knee/elbow guards and gloves - kid sized
squirt bottle - yellow
dress shoes 13.5
fondant decorator (blue thing that looks like a bookmark)
woot pen
crap light
pink tablet cover
potholder/dish towel set
wireless airbuds


I’m pretty sure Woot should use this photo as part of their branding as it accurately portrays the various reactions of their customers.