January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Better late than never:

Hooded blanket (wife loves this)
Coraxis game (good for kids)
Travel brush/mirror
Fashionable Woot! T-shirt (perfect size for my daughter)
Crap emoji toy/stress ball
Green/sustainable Woot! BOC bag
random lid to unknown container


Hey thanks, Linda. I don’t tend to think digitally. I’ll check tom.

Would that be the boxed set with SIX cases? And did you at least get the Sea Hawk or Captain Blood? I esp enjoyed those (our independent station used to show them on Sundays when I was a Kitten).

Ah heck, ANY Errol Flynn swashbuckling movie is worthwhile! I wish we could have some new ones like that.

If you posted that before, then sorry. Understand, patience is not a 'Kat-virtue…
} } } { { {
Meanwhile, does anyone know if VR thingies are as dangerous to use with glasses as the instructions imply (which basically says DO NOT USE WITH GLASSES, wear contacts instead)? I bought a VR thing (for something like $4 at Tuesday Morning’s clearance area) hoping to play the Labyrinth game. It’s not a ViewMaster, but I figured for $4 it’s worth a try. But now I’m a bit freaked by the warning against glasses.



Dangerous in that your glasses might break. The VR headset needs to sit flush to your face to get the whole experience. If the arms of your glasses break that seal then extra light will get in and will likely distort the video.

Also, in order to get the seal and keep the headset on your head when you move, the headset has to be kind of tight on your head. The warning is to probably prevent you from putting the headset over our glasses, the arm of your glasses breaking and you getting poked in the eye…

So, use at your own risk is the deal there. Can you do it? Absolutely. Just be cautious. I wouldn’t want the worse case scenario above happening so loosen the strap but be careful you don’t whip your head around too fast looking around that the headset (with your phone and probably your glasses) flies off your head and breaks everything.


In a world where virtual reality destroys actual reality… :exploding_head:


My BOC was delivered almost two weeks ago but unable to post because I have not been able to pick it up from the post office. I live over an hour away from the post office and if it is not the polar vortex preventing me from getting my BOC I also had to deal with not one but two flat tires on a car 5 years old and less than 40,000 kms. Throw in a dealership that does not keep my wheel in stock making me wait 5 days for delivery each time but then they ordered the wrong tire! Since I am not crazy enough to travel over an hour each way in polar vortex temperatures on a tire donut I must wait until I get a correct tire which will now be another 5 days at least. Sorry for not being able to post my BOC in a quick time frame.


I think you’re excused. I hope you can get your tires replaced and that the polar vortex skips town very soon.


But…but…it’s a BAG o’ CRAP! It’s worth ANY amount of effort to retrieve! Polar Vortexes, Snownadoes, wolves able to kill lions and survive Polar Vortexes, burning books in the library’s convenient fireplace for enough warmth to survive said Polar Vortexes as well as the wolves… (ok, I’ll admit, I found The Day After Tomorrow a rather silly movie even allowing for the general silliness of the genre–and this from the gal who enjoyed both The Core and 2013)

Oh, well, if peace says it’s ok, then it’s ok. For now. :smile_cat:


Ah, thanks for clarifying. I really didn’t know what the VR company was getting at with the glasses. I’ll give it a try then. As for whipping my head around, I’m thinking this Labyrinth game probably won’t involved much of that.



Oh man, I thought my situation was bad with the post office holding the package for 5 days. but they still delivered to my house, so I’ve got nothing to complain about. Hopefully you get your car situated soon enough. I know that’s not the easiest at times.


Don’t know anything about the game but if you’re going through a maze and there might be some creepy things around the corner you might move faster than you think…


We’re a bit late to the party, but here are our Bags of Crap from the January Woot-Off.

Here’s mine:

Good Stuff:
Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher To Gun (only because these things sell for a lot on EBay for some reason)

OK Stuff:
Collapsible Drinking Cup
Vicoo iPad 4 Origami Case
Sunbeam Hanging Closet Organizer

Not So Good Stuff:
Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Folding multi-peeler
Little girl’s pink top
Kool Bands Rainbow Loom Bracelets
Random bit of plastic
Hand warmer pack
Motorola VGA Travel adapter
Small Kids T-shirt in shipping bag

Wooty Stuff:
Green Woot! Bag O’ Crap Bag
Poop Emoji Sqeezie Toy

Willow rejoices in the pile of Crap!


And here is my wife’s (HelenHalla):

Good Stuff:
Arrow brand Staple gun staples 1250 pack
Leopard Animal Pashmina Shawl
Canvas carrying sack - unprinted

OK Stuff:
Ice Pop Molds
Pitt bean bag
Pop Scocket phone grip
Cane holder
Vicoo iPad Air Origami Case - Red

Not So Good Stuff:
Hothands Toe Warmers
Pack of Stickers
NFL football bracelet
NFL bottle opener
Tag for Fox brand Camo cap (cap not included)
Pack of Fish hooks
Pack of Fishing spinners
Tri-hook fishing lure
Long bow srtinger
Tom Petty Sticker
Motorola VGA travel adapter
Sticker Banner
Sep of Hallowe’en plaques

Wooty Stuff:
Green Woot! Bag of Crap Bag
Poop Emoji squeeze toy

Willow says “The pile of Crap should be This High!”


I live for your cat and crap photos. Just so you know.


As do I. Except that Willow didn’t learn her lessons on hovering very well, did she? Ah well, still love the Gandalfs’ cats!



I’m a little slow to post my Bin Of Calamity from the January Woot-Off. I’ll blame the Polar Vortex for… um… freezing my keyboard. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Things I’m excited about:

  • “amazonathlete” T-shirt (XL) - perfect for an ironic sleeping shirt
  • Very nice green woot! canvas bag - I get similar blue ones from the local BBQ place, so this will add much-needed variety to the collection
  • Orvis Dogs Unleashed - Even though my own dog would run away if “unleashed,” I will still enjoy this book.
  • woot! pen with “Why are we here?” and “Is this meeting over?” flags - I telecommute, but will show this off on my very next video call.
  • Mann’s fishing lure and some lead fishing weights - right into the (just in case of apocalypse and I have to fish to survive) tackle box with these!

Useful things:

  • Over-the-door clothing hook - might be good for the overstuffed closet’s door?
  • Eight nutcracker Christmas plates - perfect for doling out holiday cookies.
  • “stickr” banner - not useful currently, but I can probably use it for our spring yard sale, somehow.
  • Mesh lingerie laundry bag - this is made of mesh, just to be clear.
  • Yellow plastic table cover - will brighten up the yard sale tables, for sure.
  • 12" x 15.5" poly mailer bags (pack of 100) - useful, but I’m not sure exactly what for yet…
  • Aria Clair “Naked Face” makeup remover - This will go in the cabinet in case I ever need to remove makeup.

Vaguely disappointing items:

  • Cincinnati Bengals anniversary patch - I’m in the Northeast, so I like you-know-who for football, not the Bengals.
  • Bouncing Clay - says “make little beautiful world with my hands on” and “Air Dryinging” on it, so I may leave this one in the container.
  • Galaxy Note 4 Case (orange and black) - pretty cool looking, but I have a Pixel 3. So, maybe I can use it to hold my spare change or something.
  • Motorola VGA Travel Adapter - this is an odd tech dongle. Maybe it’s for a phone to hook to a monitor?
  • Vtech “Shake and Sounds Learning Pup” - very cute and good quality, but it says it’s for infants and I’m much older than that.

Wow, that’s a lot more stuff than I realized. Thanks so much for the loot, woot!!

And, you know, even if everything in the box were terrible, it’s still tons of fun to wait for the box to arrive and wonder what’s going to be inside and to see the weird things that get sent. Please keep doing this! Please!


Willow (male) tends to hover so low that he gets hidden behind the crap, so he asked to do something different. He is our magic maxi mutant mini-cat, so we gave in.

Luna is getting a bit old for hovering, at least not very often.


Oh. My. Gosh. Those are absolutely hilarious! Any other…uhm…“less than correct” (to be more pc about it) phrases?

Btb, my clothes are currently machine dryinging.

Sorry about misgendering Willow. Please give him a bit of tuna from me in apology. Although I’ll probably do it again in a couple of months, just warning ya!

And really, I did enjoy his antics over your Bags. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to Luna’s fine midair form. Say–give Luna some tuna, too, in thanks for her many hoverings.



For exactly two phones, if I recall correctly. LOL


@SylvreKat Sorry for the delay, but here’s the video, and I called it…

BoC - Potato (Whole Thing)

BoC - Potato (the Potato)

Also, here’s her modeling the shirt:

And for reference, the previous Woot shirt she got back March 2018 (small then too, size 4 shirt) she’s now 7:




HAHA! You’re a dad after my own heart. I loved playing pranks on my son. Good job!


The whole text on the front…

  • “Jumping .Easy To Use .Air Dryinging .No Mess .Soft&Light Weight”
    (punctuation above is verbatim and the words are arranged in a wonderful curve around the edge)
  • “BOUNCING CLAY Make little beautiful world with my hands on”
    (this part has a visual of hands stretching the clay and a tiger looking shamefully away, for some weird reason)
  • CE 5+
  • (on the back) “Product may stain clothing, vinyl, and other surfaces. Do not consume. Do not expose to direct sunlight or near a source of heat. Do not ingest. Use under adult supervision.”

Hmm… guess I won’t be putting this out on the yard sale table after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, I guess I could have just taken a close-up picture, eh?