January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!

Ha! I was hoping someone would get the reference. (But, that also means you’re onto my shenanigans… uh oh.)


Oh, that was totally worth the delay! “A potato.” Although personally, I loved “A thingy. I don’t know what it is.” just as much.

Thanks for posting the video. You have a very adorable daughter!

Actually, now I want a close-up picture, if only to see the shameful tiger. I mean, seriously, what the heck? Although “Jumping .” is also pretty darn amusing. Just “Jumping .” eh? Maybe I’ll try that at work tom. Just through out random single verbs. “Are you going to lunch soon?” “Jumping .” ??? ??? “No, really, are you going to eat?” “Bouncing .” Oh, the potential hilarity of the day!

Meanwhile, the back text was obviously added by the American importer, since it actually makes grammar.:smile_cat:

Btb, I didn’t get all my laundry Machine Dryingingied last night.



“A thingy? I don’t know what it is.” Isn’t that just the BoC in general? And thanks, yes, she is adorable. :blush:


Not in my house.

With Momma, it was “What’s that good for?” and “How much did you pay for that thing? I wouldn’t give a dollar for the whole box.” Although she did give ten dollars several times, because it made her daughter happy which made her happy. And possibly in the hope of receiving a super-duper-über-light-lightweight Fila puffy coat sized ladies 2XL preferably in white, since the size large I got that time was (and still is, actually) just barely too small for me (and thus, too small for her). Poor Momma, she never did get the coat. Nor did she get the whole fun and joy of buying a box of surprise.



Continuation of tire saga - see post 325.

After waiting 6 days for them to get back to me about the tire they had to reorder for the third time I phoned the company - yes my tire was in but they don’t know if my rim is in yet and they would get back to me. ? What rim? No one said anything about a rim. They did not call me that day. The next day I call again and they said the rim was for another car same make and model but they misplaced my tire. They will look for it and call me back. A few hours later no call - I call them telling them to have my rim and hubcap available for pickup and I would pay the bill from my previous tire change. I go into the center with my phone recording the interaction and they try to offer me a rental until my tire is found. I refuse stating I want to pick up my rim and hubcap and pay my previous tire replacement and leave. One of the people tells me to wait a minute then goes in the back. She comes out stating they are putting my tire on my rim right now and can change my tire immediately. Later they only charged me for one tire instead of two. Moral - when you are being jerked around - record the conversation.

Meanwhile here is what I received from my BOC:

Apron - not in the habit of using one but could start.
Woot green Bag O’Crap - could always use another bag.
Microwave Lunch Box - a little small but comes with a fork and spoon and a small upper compartment with lid.
Solar dancing Cinderella - have to give this to one of my sister’s nieces.
Glass plant terranium - maybe in the future I could find a use for it.
Medicus Valgus Pro??? - Instruction not in English. Found out it is a silicon bunion protector for your foot.
Plaster plant vase - maybe in the future I could find a use for it.
M10 phone case - won’t fit my phone.
Kids Woot t-shirt - Age 10, will give this to one of my sister’s nieces.
Heat pack - could have really used this with my first flat tire.
Pile of crap emoji light up button - not bright enough to use like a lamp but I am sure some kid will get a kick out of it.
Pile of crap rubber emoji - same as above, some kid will get a kick out of it.
Motorola VGA travel adapter. Not sure what this is used for but my Google search turned up different types of adapters. This one has a 15 pin interface 5 x 3 on one side and the other end the host interface has two interfaces side by side, one I think is a type C the other God only knows.

Thank you Woot for the BOC - some items I can actually use. Sorry again for the late post.


Howdy TT, sorry it took so long our neighbor does emergency management and we were supposed to get snow and have an emergency, although that didn’t pan out. With crap being the best when opened with friends, we had to wait until a Tuesday that the neighbor could be here. That meant only this week.

So, although the box sat right by my desk for nearly three weeks, it was just disappointment building. I think whoever packed it probably knew that as this was a fairly disappointing haul.

1x AXL plain white soccer jersey
Lisa took it to work and found someone happy to take it. For a while we tried to figure out what “AXL” meant. After settling on “Abnormally eXtra Large” we eventually found out it meant “Adult eXtra Large” and the disappointment was under way.

1x blue water bottle, made in the USA, BPA Free
I’m sure it’ll come in handy someday, not sure when.

1x pink size 10 children’s woot! shirt (came in a shirt.woot plastic bag, pictured)
My niece had a birthday the day before we opened this, so the long wait really made for some disappointment there. Although I’ll see her this weekend and see if she wants it.

1x Motorola to VGA adaptor
Is this the thing you’ve been trying to get rid of forever? Well, I finally got one, so you can toss the rest.

1x woot poo stress ball
Nice, much relief after the opening.

1x bag of 100 11" pink Happy Birthday balloons
Remember what I said about a birthday? Ya, totally missed it. I bet my sister will know what to do with them though.

1x large “No Peeking” Christmas gift bag
I just found our christmas wrapping paper, so will stick it in with that. I bet this saves the day at some point where we need to wrap a gift in a an emergency.

1x XXXL Army T-shirt
There was some discussion on who the target audience for this is. I don’t think we came up with an answer though.

1x Rockies Fan coffee mug
I think we’ll be able to find a rockies fan someplace around here. I know they like to spread out and get everywhere.

1x Bisons Fan travel mug
While I doubt we’ll find a Bisons fan, this would have come in really handy last weekend when I wanted to send a visiting guest on their road trip with some coffee. Sadly, yet again, hadn’t yet opened the crap. See the disappointment?

1x Stanford branded “FIKI” finger football set (genuine leather)
So much confusion on this, as it’s made from leather and it’s supposed to be made from paper that you fold yourself. The goal posts are another thing as it’s supposed to be fingers you hold up. Overall I think I understand why woot! ended up with these.

3x JETech Screen Protectors for a Samsung S6
Unfortunately no S6 owners in the crowd, but it was pointed out that these are kinda like stickers, and there was disappointment that we didn’t get any woot! stickers.

1x Standard Hex Key Set
The neighbor we waitied for claimed these immediately.

1x Heat Pack hand warmer
Yup, two days before opening the crap, the heat at Lisa’s work was malfunctioning and her hands were freezing all day. So more disappointment.

1x dark green woot! Bag of Crap shopping bag
We still haven’t worn out any of these, so they seem to be fairly decent quality. Thanks woot!


Unbroken mug FTW!


Whoa. Glad your car has tires!


Man, I’m bad at this. I ALWAYS forget. Anyway, I took the picture when I got it… so I’m posting it! Thanks woot!


Super late with this.

Clockwise From Left:
Some sort of arm brace
Animal Calls (One package arrived empty)
Broncos Bedazzled T-Shirt (Still not a Broncos fan)
Selfie Clip for phone (Gives phone a fisheye to fit everything in selfie. I have a Pixel 3 that has that feature. Gave it to my daughter)
Pitt Bean Bag
I <3 Brussel Griffon (?) Water Bottle
iPhone 6 Clear Case (Never owned an iPhone)
Headlamp (Most of the LEDs don’t work, but it is passable)
Bluetooth Car Kit (Kinda neat)
Woot monkey with a sliced off right hand
Sand Paper Discs
2x Motorola Micro USB/HDMI to DVI converters (WHY???)
Washington Capitals Car Decal
NutriSystem Food Portion Containers (Wife was just about to order some, so score!)


Whoa! Look at that monkey! I’m jealous, hand or no hand!!!


Wow, I’ve never seen one that color before.

It’s an old glow-in-the-dark one we offered eons ago.


Thanks for explaining, TT. I didn’t even know they existed.

The elusive Wootsquatch. He is very rare. Someone must have had him by the hand and he got away and hid in your box. You should feel very special.


And he took little red riding hood’s cape and hat!


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