January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


I bought those instant pot mitts from Woot a while back. Yes, I have an instant pot, and while they are great for that, they are good for so much more! We keep them in a handy (no pun intended) place.


Alright, I’ll give it a go!


WOw, it matches your shirt!


I thought you were going to try on a wig and post it? We want to see that.


Ok, I’m going out on a limb here but I think this is totally you. You should wear it more often. Try it out for work even.


Scored my first Bandolier of Carrots since 2011 with the app over the weekend…interesting haul:

Green BOC woot bag and woot pen
Bouncing Clay
How to Catch and Elf Children’s book
Over the door clothes hangar
Hussel Mussel Dice Game
Circa 2009 Used College Math Textbook
Scissor Run 5k T Shirt
Generic Spray Bottle
100 Cheap Shipping bags

Thanks Woot!


It really compliments your skin tone. I think you’ve found your color.




I’m going out on a limb here as well lol. If I take a pick at work with this on…


I will be ridiculed.


On a side note, I cannot use cell phones at my work with camera’s so this can’t happen anyways :frowning:


Bears Shirt Women’s M (Yea)
Lions Shirt Women’s M
Eagles Shirt Women’s M (Boo, of all weeks to send us an Eagles shirt.)
Sticky Banner Kit
Fireman Wind chime
Santa with mini Ninjas shirt
Mini permanent markers
Box of glow bracelets
Package of doggie bandages
Woot Pen
Woot Bag

Thanks Woot, for everything but the Eagles shirt, that’s kind of crappy. lol


That was very sweet! Happy Birthday



Wow! So disappointing!

Army stickers/kids watch. Doesn’t even fit my wrist!
Denver Broncos bracelet. Woot, are ya trying to get me killed in Packers country?
Light up vest for running. I get it, I put on some weight over the holidays… but damn.
Chicago Bears t-shirt. See note above about Packers country.
Fishing line. OK this is actually pretty useful.
Silicone easy jar opener. My dad has arthritis. Maaaaaybe I can send it to him.
Fire disc. Pretty cool. Didn’t know these existed. What does Woot know that I don’t about impending survivalist situations?
Over the door hanger. FINE my extra towels will be dry when I need them. JEEZ.
Ty beanie baby spider. Did my girlfriend a damn fright.
7/32" hex bit socket. I GUESS I can find a use for a second one. Maybe a door stop.
Memphis Tigers #1 fan license plate. Penny Hardaway is a pretty cool name I suppose.
Powerpuff Girls toy, including the Professor and Bubbles. BUT WHERE ARE BUTTERCUP AND BLOSSOM?! ARE THEY OK?
Camo stocking. How is Santa supposed to find it if it’s camo?! THINK, WOOT!
A survival kit? I’m worried that Woot knows something about the coming apocalypse that I don’t. However, I’m pleased they think I’m worth saving.

If anything, the official bag of crap bag and pen made the whole kit and kaboodle worth it.

Thanks Woot! My 2019 has officially started the way 2018 ended… disappointing(ly awesome).


Score another disappointment!




Got mine today. Honestly not a bad haul, but does anyone know what the hell the black strap thing is? I got a bag full of them.




Could you try again on that image? You can copy/paste it if you want. You can edit your original post.


Probably a yoga mat carrying strap.

If you don’t have a yoga mat I’m sure you could repurpose it to carry other similarly shaped items such as a weiner dog.