January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Should I be concerned my BOC hasn’t even shipped yet?


Well my 1st BoC arrived and we were throughly disappointed. I told the wife not to open it. We will open it together. Boy should I have not done that. First thing I gave her was how to build a Zoey van instructions. Next thing was some plastic pieces in a bag apparently there was several bags of plastic things all for this Zoey van and animals. As I was giving her a small fire dept. shirt that sais “We Find em Hot and Leave em Wet” she was throwing the first bag of plastic pieces back at me saying “we don’t need this crap I just got rid of a bunch of crap”. She didn’t even know this was a BoC I paid for. She thought I bought all this stuff on purpose. Next item I saw was the BoC grocery bag which I didn’t show her. Next item was more bags of plastic pieces I showed her as she was wondering what they were I saw a iPhone case neither of us can use but I showed her anyway. She threw the 2nd 3rd and 4th bag of plastic pieces on the couch next to me. Next I pulled out some flameless plastic candles. As soon as she saw them her reaction was great I just threw out several your mom gave me for Christmas. Oh boy it keeps getting worse. Next a over the door hook that at least kept her attention until I pulled out the XL Amazon Athletic logo shirt that she probably will use to sleep in some time. Oh great some bouncing clay and the Zoey lady that drives the useless Zoey van. Next I gave her not 1 but 2 naked skin make up remover things. She actually might use those just maybe or at least so i hope. A woot pen that she just didn’t even smile for. Boy was she pissed and pregnant. A traveler Motorola adapter didn’t even cheer her up. Oh the Christmas small nutcracker plates and Elf book just put her over the edge. Thanks Woot for the pure disappointment and divorce all in the same sentence.




Just look at all you received for $10! They don’t call 'em bags of crap for nothing.


I understand alot for $10.60 it just seems its alot to pay for some shirts that will be rags. Well at least it will make me happy to donate so soon after my last Christmas donation.


$10 says you’ll still try to buy another one in 31 days.


Probably not unless its guaranteed to have Pampers in it.


The best!

I was smiling all the way through because my husband was aligned with your wife in the beginning until he started getting things he really liked, then the kicker…a 300.00 watch that he really loved and uses every day! Now, he doesn’t bat an eye, he figures I am ahead for a while. ha

Hell, he even buys them now!

Don’t give up!


Little behind. Haven’t posted in a while but got a few decent things this box!


Yeah, it looks lost. Contact CS. They’ll take care of you. Holler if it doesn’t go right for some reason.

Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.


Oh dear…


Hey Hudson happy B-day!

Don’t sweat the sports stuff, if anybody gets out of line and picks on you about it…show then your football bat…they’ll back away slowly and show you respect! Still works for me!


Thanks, WOOT, for the most disappointing 5lb digital crap haul!

WOOT pen & WOOT BOC bag - YAY and MINE - don’t touch!
6 decorative fitbit protectors - so disappointed they didn’t come with a fitbit… - work friends
Foot compression sleeves pair - size small
drop proof phone case with stylus for Android ZTE ZMAX phone from 2014 - true crap
Hustle Mussel party game - definitely regifting potential - brother
10 insect repelling bug buttons - 2019 stocking stuffers - gonna be great!
over the door clothing hook - first thing put to actual use
Sunco LED retrofit kit baffle trim 4" 11watt - anyone?? really, anyone???
Fantastic Beasts Magical Movie Handbook - can’t decide what to think about this - 12 year old niece
10 16AMP 12V Blue LED switches of some sort - no clue…
Motorola VGA Travel adapter - Ummmm…maybe?
Light up smiley face - happiness is… - 8 year old niece
Some naked face makeup remover cloth thing - too scared to let it touch my face - 16 year old niece
Professional power tool battery - 14.4V - this has to be awesome for someone, right?
Amazon Athlete Large T-shirt - whatever, free advertising, … sister-in-law
Nylong Hammock that fits into a small pouch (and, yes, I pulled it out and, yes, I managed to get it all stuffed back in - woohoo!) which came with a pen ruler - MINE, all MINE!

31 days and counting…actually some number less than that now…




Thank you so much. I sent an email and they are looking into it. Yay!


Hey I got by BOC! Thanks to Woot customer service for sending me it asap after it was discovered my original BOC was lost in the mix somewhere. 1st time posting a pic, hopefully it uploads correctly. I’m really happy with all the stuff I got.
1 green BOC Woot bag
1 pack of birthday napkins
1 Mortimer slingshot toy
1 emoji poo squishy
1 muffin pan
1 The New Yorker Christmas card set
1 amazingly cute cat plate
1 Batman watch
1 Quakes decal
1 popsocket
1 large Wolves team shirt
1 small Starwars shirt
1 travel hairbrush
1 MalloMe tumbler set, looks just like my Yetis, very excited for this!
2 Motorola HDMI adapter things, zero clue what this is even for lol
2 packs of beach ball and sunglasses stickers


@ jmeow16: Hey, can you tell us more about the monkey? Is the cape solid red, or is it a print? Any idea what the material is? I collect monkeys, and can’t place that one. Thanks!
Oh wait, is that one of the larger monkeys?


Yeah she asked this morning while we were waiting for the OB to walk in today for her check up. What are you planning on doing with that Box Of Crap and than laughed. I said not sure sell it. So were over the disappointment.


I have had or may even possibly have that game in my collection but if that a short sleeve button up shirt that beats both of my random crap shirts.

Edit: Never mind at closer examination it’s the guide to a old game that’s probably not considered one of your 2 good items…


Let’s see, he has a red cape with a large red exclamation point in a yellow circle at the top and woot! in white letters at the bottom of the cape. The tag says : All new material Polyester fiber. And he looks to be about 8 inches long. Hope that helps. How many monkeys do you have so far? It would be cool to see a pic of you collection if you get around to it.