January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


That’s who does the labels! I knew it was a woman but couldn’t remember her name. I’m assuming she’s not on the forums. Too busy making labels for all that crap going out the door.

Thanks, Kristen, for all that you do!


My Bag of crap I ordered yesterday is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!?! I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good sign or not… Im extremely impressed with how fast Woot was able to ship out my order. Now I get to save ALL of my disappointment for the bag of crap itself. :mailbox_with_no_mail::package::ok_man::boom::poop::exploding_head:


Holy crap! We’ve got to work on increasing that disappointment!


No, but maybe a stuffed super cuddly elephant? Right, @manlapig?

(Please let it be a stuffed super cuddly elephant.)


Moved my crappy post here. Yay!! Got one. Already disappointed :frowning_face: UPS delivery notice says it’s ONLY 3 lbs. of crap!! I want elephant sized crap WOOT! not chihuahua sized crap!!
Oh well, I’m sure I will be thoroughly disappointed.
THANKS WOOT!! :blush:
Second thought on that weight… a letter doesn’t weigh much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fun fact! That 3 lbs is a placeholder weight and not the actual weight of your crap. It could be even smaller! And also bigger, but probably not.

  • Part One -

So there I was, minding my own business, surfing here, surfing over there. I had not a care in this sub-tropical paradise, when out of the blue (sea) IT came at me hard and fast! Too fast I thought, too too fast. It was ten pounds of ferocious behavior you’d say, at about 27 mph, I think.

Then it hit me, a thought, not the fish…yet. It’s it’s it’s a, NO! It can’t be! That’s right, coming straight at me was a giant Barracuda on Crack! How do I know it was crack you say? Ha, sure, that’s a stupid question, but what the hey, I could see it in his eyes. I could see it in his EYES man!


Kinda random thought: Yesterday while waiting in the VoP, thought of a good catch phrase for the BoC: “C’est la vie with B.O.C.™”


Totally worth it


Got my shipping notice with a 3 lbs. placeholder weight. Isn’t it usually 6? Am I getting half the crap or twice the disappointment?


The placeholder shipping weight is whatever Kristen in the warehouse feels like putting on it that time around. It varies from one crap offering to the next.


I went to Book Group and the tracking showed up for my BOC while I was out!!
It says it will be here Saturday, and I can’t remember if they show up when the tracking says or if they get here a day early.
Ought to remember, the last one just in November.




Received my Woot off BOC this morning. I have to put it aside for a few more hours until the kids come home but I wanted to release a teaser.

Behold her glory!

She’s a touch over 4lbs and two :banana:'s long x 1 1/2 :banana:'s wide x 1 :banana: tall.

Can’t wait to see what’s inside! Maybe I’ll take the kids out of school early today. BRB!


I got in on a Bag Tuesday around 9am and it had it’s label create around 2pm & shipped out the door around 6pm. That’s some quick Crap. I should see it Saturday according to UPS.
It’s still showing the 3lb placeholder and it looks like it is taking the long way to get to me since it has already been in 4 states and still has 3 or 4 to go. Typically it goes from TX to somewhere within 1-2 states of me then local to several depots before being delivered. The last one went directly from TX to my state to my local depot. It’s interesting to me how each of my Woot purchases get sent in different directions and still get to me in about the same amount of travel time.


My BOC was purchased Tuesday (8 lbs) and shipped quick. I am almost disappointed because it arrived today. That’s disappointment because I’m not home and its setting on my porch, waiting for someone else to steal it and be disappointed. I’m hoping that if they open it, they will bring it back for my extended disappointment.


Mine has arrived at the local post office (4 blocks away from me), but they never seem willing to pull it out until the carriers sort in the morning :confounded: It will be delivered sometime tomorrow in plenty of time for my birthday on Sunday. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


It’s the special Ex-Lax edition.


This crap I scored from two days ago (1/22/19) was on FIRE. Heavy box too!

Here goes:

Orcs Orcs Orcs Game
Bruiser Bates
Saltwater Fishing Hooks
Marvel Comics 6 Button Pack (All Thor lol)
Car Care Cloth by eCloth
Batman Watch
Magic Grow Foam Capsules
Woot! Shirt
New York Giants NFL Merch Shirt
Halloween Doilies
Woot Bag
Bad A** Dunkey Mug
3 Tier Oven Rack (My oven has a rack??)
Tabletop FoodScreen “Dura Tent”
Cheese Board? Has “L” on it for “Legendary”
Poop Emoji Stress Poop!


OK, so the PHWonder and myself swapped shirts so the red 49er is now mine and the Christmas sweatershirt is hers though they are reversed in the pictures!!

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

No Texas air but was properly insulted by the Army earrings (retired Navy here)

1 Woot Crap Bag (love these things!)

1 Coveted Woot Pen (meetings version) I was jealous of the others til now!

1 Red Screaming Woot Monkey (new version)

1 Hello Kitty water bottle (relocating from Oklahoma to California)

1 Hollywood Clapper Board (going to Hollywood Producer sister, though she has the real thing)

1 pkg 25 huge ass treble hooks for some kind of big fish

1 Spool 20 lb test fishing line

1 Lg Detroit Lions long sleeve shirt

1 Lg San Francisco 49er long sleeve shirt

1 Webcaster II gun (could be interesting….)

2 of the last? Motorola VGA travel adapter

1 Selfie Clip lens set

1 Barb Ell

2 sets earrings Army and Alpha Omicron Pi sorority

1 Impress folding brush with mirror

1 Fire for ambiance (not included in box)

1 Finnegan hamming for the camera

Loved it all……….except the Army earrings of course! I guess you had to throw in some kind of “crap” in my box. Once again, well played Kristen, TT, Crap Box Packers, Crap Box Buyers and UPS driver who was complicit in this whole shenanigan! Thanks Woot, I look forward to your next attempt at disappointment!