January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Posting for my self professed non computer savy roommate known as PHWonder in this forum (yes I just dropped that dime out of a grand suspicion of laziness rather than lack of knowledge!)

No Texas Air

1 Woot Bag

1 Poop emoji squishy

1 Poop emoji click light…….that’s right, a poop click light! Oh hell ya Woot!

1 Plain Canvas bag

I 11inch computer/tablet sleeve

1 iPad Air Origami case

1 Age 2-4 tank top peppermint striped

1 Lg Chicago Bears button t-shirt

1 M Christmas Sweatshirt with Santa playing a guitar leaning on a Christmas tree

1 Doo Xoo DIY poster

1 Heat Pack

1 Spiral Veggie Slicer

1 Motorola VGA travel adapter

1 Prentice Hall Literature textbook stolen from Notre Dame HS properly labeled with the offending students name!

The only disappointment conveyed was “No Monkey” so I guess that’s something. Thanks for the Crap Woot folks!


THAT IS AWESOME!! I mean, the rest is cool, too, but that light is so… perfect.




Oh man. I don’t do outdoor picnics much, so… this happened:


That cat is intense.

Pun intented.


He’s staring into my sole! …Or the camera lens. Not sure.

Floofy kitty is floofy!

Isn’t that the best thing???

This is wonderful. I LOL’d

I’m really enjoying these BOC photos!


I can’t figure out how to post my picture of the bag of crap but needless to say there was disappointment. My Monoco Jersey is size AS which must mean amazingly small. My pop socket has a pineapple on it and I hate pineapple. I got an awesome Camelback in camouflage but I put it down and can’t find it. My dog won’t wear the Tampa Bay Buccaneer collar since she’s a Lions fan. All in all, I can’t to get another BOC!


my bag
1 woot monkey
1 batman watch - new (but doesn’t work)
2 headphones - (regular headphone plug)
1 green dog harness
1 TMNT dog costume - M
2 vga connectors
1 color changing cup!
1 star wars t shirt - S
1 plastic costume mask
1 bag
1 folding brush


My first BoC arrives today. The feelings of dread and remorse are overwhelming. I’m not sure I will survive the coming disappointment. Should I hide from the delivery person? Change my identity? Oh, the horror!


Hmm… I think you would do well to check out what everyone got so far. Pretty good right?
Now take a deep breath and accept disappointment into your life. Inside that glorious box made of cardboard you’re probably going to find nothing but despair, grief, empty dreams and stuff that wouldn’t even sell at a yard sale.

Or not.

Who knows!?!

This is the best part.


If you are on a desktop and can get your picture there, all you have to do is drag and drop.


Check your tracking everyone, mine just updated. It was set to be delivered Saturday.

Crap is coming tonight tonight. Crap is coming tonight!




Mine still says Tuesday so THANKS for furthering my disappointment :expressionless::joy:


Hmmm, pet(ish) department
little white maltese doesn’t care (not included)

Add a link for training dog collar-junk
NY Mets dog jersey for large dogs-garage rag bound
hot DOG grilling forks-useful
NFL Cardinal (St Louis still has baseball) stickem for credit cards
Missouri Tigers Iphone 6 case-son likes and will get
Cat t-shirt-another rag
Dean & Tyler dog collar and lease-Large (This thing is worth more than my car & Amazon gave me the last one-Now out of stock)

Phoenix Suns placemats-Last place so surely disappointing
Coloring page books for adults-Really (a Dr took his time to do this?)
box of screws-maybe useful
Poo squeezy
Batman watch-Grandson
Mini bicycle-There has to be someone who needs this
Woot bag
Folding brush-Says “Professional Quality” so real valuable




I was wondering what the white fuzzy was, till I ready the first line below the photo haha!

I still have to wait till the 29th, you’re all unlucky, getting your disappointment so soon, I at least get the luxury of procrastinating another few days. I can’t handle the pressure yet. Haha


Thank you very much!




FIFTY hex cups for professional beer pong (includes 5 beer pong balls even)
folding brush with built in mirror
green Woot tote bags (nice place to store my totes)
white Woot! tee (sized kids 12)
MONOGRAMMED ladies backpack (if your initials happen to be ME :rofl: )
stress poop
AND the “selfie clip” wide angle lens attachment for a smartphone I used for most of the photos!

(cursing Kristen’s efficiency in getting some of the bags out -like this one- before one of those special letters could be inserted :disappointed_relieved: ) Thanks TT and all the gang at Woot (Kristen included) for keeping it fun.